Satellite collision debris may hamper space launches.

  Satellite collision… The debris from a recent collision involving two communications satellites could pose a serious threat for future launches of spacecraft into a geostationary orbit. One of 66 satellites owned by Iridium, a U.S. telecoms company, and the Russian Cosmos-2251 satellite launched in 1993 and believed to be defunct collided on February 10 […]

Brazilian carnival in Moscow.( Maslenitsa)

Moscow once again became the heart of the celebrations. A fair where everyone can taste pancakes, honey and hot drinks based on the traditional Russian recipes has opened in the citys center, just meters away from the Red Square. Russians start to enjoy a week-long pancake fest, or Maslenitsa, which comes before Lent and marks […]

Boeing 737-800 Crashes In Amsterdam.

A Turkish Airlines flight carrying 135 passengers has crashed while attempting to land at Amersterdam’s Schipol airport. It was on the approach to runway 36, but crashed before reaching the airport.  The CNN Turk TV station said at least one person was killed in the impact and 20 injured. The Boeing 737-800, which had reportedly […]

Will Hate ? TV ?

Satellite TV Soccer Moms Will Hate Consumer The problem with boffo product demos is that people might take you seriously. And they might do it long before you’re sure it’s a product people need or want. As a case in point, consider Sirius Satellite Radio’s Backseat TV, introduced this past fall. Sirius, based in New […]

I live in Latvia – unfit prime minister.

In Latvia the prime minister of Godmanis is old drummer. He – disc jockey (DJ). He is not prime minister. He talk very quickly and not very clearly. During this time the words “crisis” and “Godmanis” have become synonyms. The prime minister has become an embodiment of the whole government, taking responsibility even for the […]


Russia bans selling alcoholic drinks to those under 21.

    Federal service on surveillance in healthcare and social development of Russian Federation is going to take steps aimed at reducing the consumption of alcoholic drinks by citizens. Intentions, developed by the agency were discussed at the round table session “Priorities of the government policy on alcoholic drinks” in the Council of Federation. According […]

About Melo-M

Melo-M is a Latvian instrumental cello rock trio consisting of three classically trained cellists: Kārlis Auzāns, Valters Pūce, and Antons Trocjuks. They are cool whether they are being used to play the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Vasks or any other composer dead or living. And they’re also cool when used in nontraditional ways, such as […]


Mumiy Troll eyes success in U.S.

  Russian rock band Mumiy Troll is planning to release its first foreign album, “Comrade Ambassador”, in late March, a spokesman said on Friday. “Comrade Ambassador”, to be released together with U.S. company Syndicate and Russias social network Ikra.tv, will consist of 14 tracks, including a Russian language version of the Mamas and Papas 1965 […]


Models Audi A6 (2009).

New for 2009 models Audi are three equipment levels – Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige – aimed at improving vehicle value and reducing complexity by combing the features demanded by many luxury car buyers. The new A6 will also come packed with additional standard equipment, including a sunroof, Bluetooth, Homelink, heated front seats on quattro […]