Maramadi Festival In India, traditional game involving bulls

    Maramadi Festival. The most famous traditional game involving bulls is Spanish bullfighting. But the people of Kerala, India, have come up with a way celebration that doesn’t involve torturing and killing poor animals. Maramadi festival is a peculiar ox race which draws many tourists to Anandapalli, a small village. The festival is conducted […]


Diabetes basics, as we enter into the summer season

    Let’s continue with some diabetes basics as we enter into the summer season. Remember to make changes slowly so that you are not overwhelmed. Concentrate on the fact that you will eventually feel better, stronger and will be doing your body good! The CDC just reported that only 14% of people with diabetes […]


Let’s Celebrate Līgo Festivities in Latvia

  Līgo Festivities forever! Līgo festivities – the shortest night of the year, celebrating nature and fertility. Bonefires, beer and cheese, crowns of flowers and songs are also part of Līgo. No need to travel to Latvia’s countryside to meet the break of dawn, a major event will be held in the centre of Rīga […]


Innovative street art From Berlin

    Berlin is an international epicenter for the street art and has become a destination spot for street art creators and admirers alike. Urban Illustration Berlin features the most stunning and innovative street art from Berlin, where unknown local heroes and famous international street artists share a common canvas. The origins of Berlin’s graffiti […]


Pregnancy and contraceptive pill

    What is this, contraceptive pill? A number of myths and misconceptions about their use still persist. They are either accused of involvement in the development of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis, or credited with many useful qualities. Where is the truth? Oral contraceptives (OC) are considered to be one of the most reliable […]


The internet freedom from SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA.

    Freedom from SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. We must not oversleep our freedom! The Internet is just one of the tools for helping the entertainment business advertise their work. People do make legal purchases after they have seen it on Youtube or after downloading it. I agree that there should be restrictions, very true […]


What is a ice cream

  The ice cream is rooted in ancient Asia, namely, China and Arabia. The researchers found that ice cream can be traced back to the 3rd century B.C. Chinese Emperor and his nobility were served concoctions of fruit juices with snow and ice. The recipes of the unusual dessert were kept secret, and were revealed […]


The Arctic climate

    Arctic… Severe changes in the abundance are sending alarming signals to scientists, now worried about the possibility of catastrophic climate change in this most sensitive of regions, which has far-reaching consequences for the rest of the world. The Secretary-General of the UNO, Ban Ki-moon, stated recently that the loss of biodiversity is costing […]


Hsin-Yao, He Was Born To Be An Artist

    Hsin-Yao. At the age of ten, he began painting in watercolors, as well as other mediums. Hsin-Yao Tseng was born in Taipei Taiwan in 1986. He was born to be an artist. This activity at such an early age was self-inspired and self-taught. It gave Hsin-Yao insights into the foundation he would need […]


We love pets and this makes us better

  We love pets… Ninety percent of pet owners talk to their pets, the survey found, and nearly a third of them admitted to confessing their secrets to them. Over half of Canadian pet owners think their animals are more reliable than people as nearly all of them talk to their pets on a regular […]


To learn and learn and learn

  To learn! Congratulation… go to school? A seven-year-old British boy was celebrating after passing a maths exam normally undertaken by students more than twice his age, reports said Friday. Jude Alli, who took the test when he was six and received a D grade, said he found maths easy and had been “very excited” […]


Using your online presence, unfriend

  unfriend … If you’re considering dipping a toe into online world, there are few things you should know. Don’t invite all your friends Most social networks (SNs) will offer to trawl your Web-based email address books and connect you with friends. Don’t let them. Not until you’ve found out how your information is treated. […]