This project – DIRTY WATER.

      DIRTY WATER This project is set up by UNICEF and is called “Tap Project”. With 0$ budget, we had to create mass media exposure alarming New Yorkers about the thousands of children dying daily from a lack of clean water, and the urgency to help with donations to UNICEF. Implementation We bottled […]


Space Capsule and Charles Simonyi Touches Down Safely

    A Soyuz space capsule carrying U.S. billionaire Charles Simonyi and a Russian-American crew touched down safely in Kazakhstan on Wednesday. Charred black from its re-entry into the atmosphere, the capsule — also carrying U.S. astronaut Michael Fincke and Russian flight engineer Yury Lonchakov — landed northeast of the Kazakh industrial city of Dzhezkazgan […]


Communist Party of Russia has expressed its outrage.

  Communist Party of Russia… Members of a number of Russian political parties, including the communists and Yabloko, will gather in St. Petersburg at the weekend to protest against the bombing of a statue of Lenin, which was dismantled overnight.


Many Russians to drinking alcohol.

    Average Russians were spending ten or eleven percent of their income on purchasing 14.3 liters of strong alcoholic beverages every year before the financial crisis. The spending on alcohol will grow to 15 percent and higher under the conditions of the crisis – both on account of the price growth and because of […]