What exactly is going in my world (video)

The bird and fish kills are not, apparently, isolated incidents in the United States of America, nor indeed in the region. In recent days there have been several. What exactly is going on? The sudden plummeting to the ground of thousands of red-winged blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Eve grabbed the headlines around […]


Jason Statham Advertise in Russia

  Jason Statham… an English actor and martial artist, known for his roles in many action films, recently got an invitation from Gazpromneft, an oil arm of the giant Gazprom to appear in a clip promoting a new company’s brand, machine oil G-Energy.


I Am So Happy (Eduard Khil – trololololo )

Eduard Khil, a well-known singer of the Soviet past, has received enormous attention recently. One of his hits of 40 years, a song without words called “I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home” has become hugely popular on the Internet. The video with the song received over 2 million views; hundreds of people […]


Special services will scan passengers.

    Scan passengers… From now on, the US plane passengers will be “undressed.” Special services obtained equipment that will scan passengers, checking them under the clothes. Airports personnel believe that this measure would help to prevent terrorist attacks and speed up security control.



      When people torture themselves with hunger, the reason for it may be anorexia rather than excessive weight. Anorexia is often mistakenly considered a whim typical for fans of dieting. However, it is a dangerous psychological disorder. MedPulse.ru asked Ruzanna Akopyan, a psychoanalytic, to share her comments.