Go Blonde in Latvia

Go Blonde parade in Riga, Latvia – more than 500 blonde girls marching in town dressed in white and pink, with white stockings The Blonde Parade through Riga is part of a Go Blonde in Latvia. There will be a ball, with prizes for, among others, the best blonde lawyer, journalist and politician, and a […]


Special services will scan passengers.

    Scan passengers… From now on, the US plane passengers will be “undressed.” Special services obtained equipment that will scan passengers, checking them under the clothes. Airports personnel believe that this measure would help to prevent terrorist attacks and speed up security control.



      When people torture themselves with hunger, the reason for it may be anorexia rather than excessive weight. Anorexia is often mistakenly considered a whim typical for fans of dieting. However, it is a dangerous psychological disorder. asked Ruzanna Akopyan, a psychoanalytic, to share her comments.