For the development of life on Titan.

    Titan… A team of investigators led by University of Arizona graduate student Sarah Horst has approximated, in a French lab, atmospheric conditions on Saturn’s moon Titan. Through a series of experiments, they bombarded the gases with radiation, producing a number of compounds, including amino acids. Could these molecules be the basis for the […]


Parallel Worlds.

    Parallel Worlds realy or not? Approximately 14 years ago, children began to disappear from an amusement park of the British town of Kent. The kids would enter the hall of mirrors and never came out. The local police r an of f their legs. Recently, a psychic lady announced that she knew where […]


What? Predator? UFO.

    A mysterious predator opened animal carcasses cutting out their internal organs. The predator was unstoppable and dead cattle were found even in zoos. The most mutilations occurred in 1975 – 1976, the worst of them found in the US. There were thousands of victims. In Colorado alone three cows on average were mutilated […]


To understand the universe. (photo)

    While scientists have long concluded that the universe is expanding, and will do so for an infinite period of time, the researchers say the very rules of physics suggest that “an eternally inflating universe” is far from given. The end of the world as we know it cannot be avoided, but it can […]


All human geniuses are descendants of aliens.

    British ufologist John Pope declares that all human geniuses are descendants of aliens. Outstanding abilities of some people always attracted researchers’ attention. Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci and Lomonosov left a mark on the history and memory of many generations. Approximately 30 to 40 thousand years ago our planet was visited by representatives of […]


Scared of UFO.

  Scared of UFO… Not so long ago George Bush declared that American astronauts would fly to the Moon in 2018. Russia in its turn is not going to lag behind and promises to start building a base on the Moon by 2020. The Japanese are planning to begin the construction of their own lunar […]


Cosmonaut and UFO.

    His life was intertwined with the turbulent history of UFO research in the Soviet Union after 1978. Pilot Cosmonaut Pavel Romanovich Popovich, the first Ukrainian cosmonaut in history. Pavel Popovich was greatly respected; a kind, nice and decent person, always ready to help others. His first spaceflight was aboard the “Vostok-4″ spaceship in […]


We’re here by chance or by design…if God.

      if God… We’ve all asked the question from the age of Why did the universe have a beginning but not God? If God didn’t have a beginning why should the universe have a beginning. Couldn’t the universe just have always existed?


Mars rock solved by NASA.

    NASA scientists were finally able to explain the origin of the mysterious Mars rock. This shaped like a jelly doughnut that appeared near the rover Opportunity in early January. The small, round object suddenly popped up in pictures taken 12 days apart by the U.S. space agency’s decade-old Opportunity rover.


Problem…a dark matter and space-time.

  Space-time is the real gravity, according to physicists. Why? Because of a drawing which looks like a vortex with a grid pattern across it. And the physics behind this drawing?


Meteorite Yamato 691 and New Mineral.

Meteorite found in Antarctica in 1969 A group of NASA scientists have discovered a new mineral of space origin in one of the most historically significant celestial objects. ­The new mineral was discovered by NASA scientists inside the meteorite known as Yamato 691, according to NASA’s official report. The meteorite was among the first nine meteorites discovered by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in the ice-fields of Antarctica in 1969. The analysis has shown that it is over 4.5 billion years old and originated from an asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.


NASA App to Help You… Spot ISS.

New NASA Service The 12th anniversary of crews continuously living and working aboard the International Space Station, NASA announced a new service to help people see the orbiting laboratory when it passes overhead. "Spot the Station" will send an email or text message to those who sign up for the service a few hours before they will be able to see the space station.