Meteor has hit three regions of Russia.

    Meteor Chelyabinsk … at least six cities have been hit in three central regions of Russia As of mid-day, over 400 people had reported injuries as a result of the strikes. Most of the people hurt seem to be concentrated in the hard-hit Chelyabinsk Region. Hundreds suffered cuts from broken glass as the […]


Meteorite Yamato 691 and New Mineral.

Meteorite found in Antarctica in 1969 A group of NASA scientists have discovered a new mineral of space origin in one of the most historically significant celestial objects. ­The new mineral was discovered by NASA scientists inside the meteorite known as Yamato 691, according to NASA’s official report. The meteorite was among the first nine meteorites discovered by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in the ice-fields of Antarctica in 1969. The analysis has shown that it is over 4.5 billion years old and originated from an asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.


NASA App to Help You… Spot ISS.

New NASA Service The 12th anniversary of crews continuously living and working aboard the International Space Station, NASA announced a new service to help people see the orbiting laboratory when it passes overhead. "Spot the Station" will send an email or text message to those who sign up for the service a few hours before they will be able to see the space station.


Solar Firework In 2012. September 22…This Scenario Is Reality.

We could be in for a huge firework display in 2012. The Sun will be approaching the peak of its 11-year cycle, called "solar maximum", so we can expect a lot of solar activity. Some predictions put the solar maximum of Solar Cycle 24 even more energetic than the last solar maximum in 2002-2003. According to one of the many Doomsday scenarios we have been presented with in the run-up to the Mayan Prophecy-fuelled "end of the world" in 2012, september 22 this scenario is actually based on some science.


UFO lights in Israel. (2012)

    UFO… An unidentified flying object observed in Middle East countries Thursday night has caused panic, with people calling the police to say they witnessed a UFO. The mysterious shining object seen in the skies swirled around and looked like smoke, some observers said.


Amsterdam Airport AND UFO.

   Airport AND UFO… This intriguing video was taken at takeoff from Amsterdam on an iPhone. The YouTuber explains that the object wasn’t noticed until reviewing the footage the following day. Then it was quite noticeable that a strange object was caught on tape hovering in the sky nearby the jet’s flight path.


To Clean Up Space…Janitor A Satellite.

    Earth is surrounded by a cloud of more than half a million pieces of space junk, from bus-size spent rocket stages to tiny flecks of paint. Swiss scientists said  they plan to launch a “janitor satellite” specially designed to get rid of space junk, the orbiting debris that can do serious and costly […]


About The Impending Apocalyps.

    Nostradamus the famous prophet spoke of “fire that will fall from the sky.” Saint Matrona Moskovskaya of Russia predicted a cataclysm when “everything will fall through the ground.” “Everything will melt like ice,” predicted Vanga, a famous Bulgarian prophet back in 1979. Prophesies about the impending apocalypse have always existed.


Giant Spaceships Flying To Earth.

    Special services started establishing special departments for air defense troops, secret laboratories were organized to study the phenomenon. UFO encounters became especially frequent in the middle of the 20th century, when it became impossible to disregard incidents of UFO sightings anymore.


The Asteroid, 2012 DA14 Will Pass By Earth Next Year.

    An asteroid of the same class as one that allegedly detonated over Tunguska River in 1908 will pass by Earth next year, flying closer than some man-made satellites, according to NASA. The asteroid, 2012 DA14, will miss the planet by 26,900 kilometers on February 15, 2013, which is closer than satellites in the […]


Hacking attacks cost NASA about $7 million.

    Despite the theft of laptops with codes for their operations, the operation of the International Space Station was not threatened NASA. The U.S. space agency, said on Friday  that despite the theft of a laptop with control codes of the International Space Station (ISS), the operations of the orbital outpost are in no […]


A new rocket, Xombie, vertical landing.(video)

    The first successful free flight of a new rocket-powered vertical landing demonstrator occurred recently at Mojave Air and Space Port. The autonomous flight occurred earlier this month at the Mojave Air and Space Port about 90 miles north of Los Angeles. Masten Space Systems’ unmanned rocket named Xombie lifted off the ground, flew […]