Special mission of Russian lunar project.

    Russia’s Federal Space Agency Roscosmos campaign to  select a new group of cosmonauts. It is expected that the newcomers will be trained for a special mission. The group will most likely be trained to fly to the Moon. The contest is open, which means that any citizen of the Russian Federation having technical […]


NASA, Cassini spacecraft.

    The spacecraft successfully completed its fly by of Saturn’s moon Enceladus and its jets of water vapor and ice. At its closest approach, the spacecraft flew approximately 62 miles (100 kilometers) above the moon’s surface. The close approach was designed to give some of Cassini’s instruments, including the ion and neutral mass spectrometer, […]


Mars500 experiment…welcome space travel.

    The all-male crew of a mock spaceship played a video action game to cool down when tensions rose during a 17-month isolation study simulating a voyage to Mars. In their cramped, windowless module at a Moscow research facility, the earthbound pioneers split into teams — three Russians against two Europeans and one Chinese […]


October, a meteors shower will come in Earth.

    In early October, a powerful meteor shower will come down to Earth. It will be brought by comet Giacobini-Zinner, which passes near our planet quite often. However, meteors shower are rear enough, but it is possible that they have contributed to the emergence of gold on the planet and even the origin of […]


Star of Leo is a complete mystery.

    Astrophysicists have discovered a star  SDSS J102915 +172927, unlike other stars of the “same age” that appeared immediately after the Big Bang, has a smaller mass, which does not fit into the framework of the modern theory of star formation. The age of the star SDSS J102915 +172927, located on the very edge […]


The flying saucers observed over the country.

    Flying saucers… In July of 1952 the presidential administration was seriously disturbed by a “massive wave of UFO sightings over the United States.” There was even an order to shoot down unidentified flying objects. Most of all “UFO” rumor refer to Dwight Eisenhower.


The total eclipse of the moon.

Will last an unusually long time, a rare celestial treat for a wide swath of the globe. Except if you’re in the United States and Canada. North America will be left out of Wednesday’s lunar spectacle, which will be visible from start to finish from eastern Africa, central Asia, the Middle East and western Australia […]


This extraterrestrial creature and video was a fake.

    Extraterrestrial creature… A curious video appeared on the Internet on April 17. The video uploaded on YouTube supposedly depicted an extraterrestrial creature. The creature, as it appears in the video, was found by Russian tourists traveling in Siberia.


UFOs appearing everywhere now.

    Mysterious UFOs have been spotted over Russia’s southern Republic of Kalmykia. Several times this month hundreds in the city of Elista witnessed several unidentified flying objects at the same time. Two glowing circles appeared, rotating around each other. Scientists say they can’t explain what caused the light show. Kalmykia is no stranger to […]


Three giant spaceships flying to Earth

    Spaceships flying to Earth! Special services started establishing special departments for air defense troops, secret laboratories were organized to study the phenomenon. UFO encounters became especially frequent in the middle of the 20th century, when it became impossible to disregard incidents of UFO sightings anymore.


UFO in North Yorkshire (video)

    UFO… The North of England was crowned the world’s top hot spot for UFO sightings – the latest bizarre images emerged from the northern sky. The latest footage was shot in Osgodby, near Scarborough, North Yorks, on Sunday evening. It was sent in by Paul Sinclair, who said: “It really looks like a […]


UFO to West 23rd Street in Manhattan (video)

  UFOs were spotted over New York City, or was it something else? Nobody is sure. But thousands of residents of the Chelsea area saw a dozen or so silvery objects hovering in the clear-blue sky over West 23rd Street in Manhattan. The sightings sparked rumors that there were visitors from outer space looking in. […]