Internet and Mega-geomagnetic storm (video)

It is not hearsay, but a fact, that solar radiation can affect short-wave communications, disrupting satellite transmissions and disturbing cell phone, GPS, TV and radio reception, even electricity flow along power lines. A gigantic solar storm has started as the eleven-year solar flare peak, known as the solar maximum, nears. Scientists fear that the result […]


Solar eclipse.

  Solar eclipse… A total solar eclipse drew an 11,000-kilometer (6,800-mile) arc over the Pacific, plunging remote isles into darkness in a heavenly display climaxing on mysterious Easter Island.


UFO in Moscow skies.

    UFO in Moscow… Recently a video was posted online showing a huge triangle 1.5 km wide soaring above the Moscow Kremlin. It was sitting above Red Square and shot by amateurs twice. The video was widely discussed in foreign communities interested in ufology.


The mystery of the meteorite

    Meteorite. The report presented at the conference for paleontology and the exploration of the moon in Texas unveiled the results of the analysis of spherical microparticles discovered in Antarctica. A huge meteorite rammed into Antarctica about 480,000 years ago. The meteorite weighed hundreds of thousands of tons. Debris and dust were scattered 3,000 […]


UFO Stop On Moscow. (video)

     UFO… A strange flying object was spotted in the sky above Moscow, December 18. Muscovites could see a large triangle-shaped object hovering above Red Square. Many people filmed the object on their cell phones and uploaded the videos on YouTube.


Final spacewalk.

    Spacewalk… Two astronauts will venture into open space again Monday on a fifth and final spacewalk of the shuttle Endeavour’s mission to complete the International Space Station. Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn spent the final hours leading up to their task preparing their spacesuits and tools and reviewing procedures, National Aeronautics and Space […]


Space Capsule and Charles Simonyi Touches Down Safely

    A Soyuz space capsule carrying U.S. billionaire Charles Simonyi and a Russian-American crew touched down safely in Kazakhstan on Wednesday. Charred black from its re-entry into the atmosphere, the capsule — also carrying U.S. astronaut Michael Fincke and Russian flight engineer Yury Lonchakov — landed northeast of the Kazakh industrial city of Dzhezkazgan […]


Successfully completed a spacewalk.

  Spacewalk… U.S. astronaut Michael Fincke and Russian cosmonaut Yury Lonchakov, on board of the International Space Station (ISS), have successfully completed a spacewalk ahead of schedule.


Satellite collision debris may hamper space launches.

  Satellite collision… The debris from a recent collision involving two communications satellites could pose a serious threat for future launches of spacecraft into a geostationary orbit. One of 66 satellites owned by Iridium, a U.S. telecoms company, and the Russian Cosmos-2251 satellite launched in 1993 and believed to be defunct collided on February 10 […]