Diabetes and Restaurants,Tips.

Diabetes and Restaurants… There are many retirees living with diabetes in South Florida where I educate people in a self management program… A big proportion of them spend a majority of their time eating out in restaurants.

Protect Your Kidneys With Diabetes.

    Kidneys With Diabetes … This week alone during diabetes education sessions I instructed 4 patients who have different stages of kidney disease, including one gentleman who will soon be starting dialysis. None of these patients had prior diabetes education – although each one has had diabetes for 8 years or more.

Tips for taking your Diabetes Medication Correctly.

  Diabetes Medication… One of the questions on the initial diabetes assessment form used during our educational session is “Are you taking your medications correctly as prescribed?” Many patients often admit that they are not taking their medications as prescribed, and others admit they have stopped taking them altogether.

Patient Concerns in a Diabetes Practice, Managing Diabetes.

     Managing Diabetes… New and interesting questions…    I read that obesity is now considered its own illness. What does that mean? Obesity has finally been recognized as an illness by the AMA (American Medical Association). Other national medical organizations including The Endocrine Society, The AACE (American Association of Endocrinologists) and the American College of […]

Related information knowledge about your diabetes.

  For you about your diabetes and related information in the diabetes world. According to recent research, the condition of diabetes will require the most expensive treatment because it is a life long disease which targets multiple body systems; this statement will hold true through 2015.

Discussion about blood pressure.

    Discussion about blood pressure that I would like to share with you. Use the correct cuff size. The reason I mention the patient’s weight is important. When measuring blood pressure it is necessary to use the correct size cuff.

The sun and Skin cancer.

  Skin cancer… Since more research keeps tying diabetes to cancer I thought this was an important subject. Being prepared for the summer sun will hopefully guide you in making summertime safer and more fun. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. It is on the rise with one in five […]

Food, diabetes trends or studies.

 Diabetes trends… I always try to keep you up to date with diabetes information whether it concerns medications, food, diabetes trends or studies. Our goal at ADW is to improve your quality of life by making you more conscious and aware.

Registered Dietitian, what is a register dietitian.

Registered Dietitian... In honor of National Nutrition Month I wanted to share what a dietitian's role is in helping you with your diabetes management. I always suggest a complete accredited diabetes management program, which offers information including diabetes overview, medications, complications, exercise, stress management and nutrition.

Your Diabetes Education.

Your diabetes education... the simplest question may have a different answer than you expect. Always leave your diabetes education sessions feeling confident about what you need to know and never be afraid to ask. Q: I have had diabetes for 2 years, which was discovered during a heath fair, and never felt any symptoms; I did not bother to go to the physician.

High blood pressure and heart disease.

High blood pressure and Heart disease is not just a disease that affects older men. It affects the young and old as well as male or female. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "heart disease is the leading killer of women in America." The cause is an increased build up of artery plaque which can ultimately lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Weight change without taking drastic measures.

Weight change this is problem problems. Think about achieving a minimum amount of weight change this year without taking drastic measures. The important goal is to achieve better blood glucose control more than anything else! Be Strong - Weight training helps build muscle mass and increased muscle mass helps burn calories.