Stem Cell Banks Operate in Safe Way.

  Cell Banks… Donation of tissues and cells should be voluntary, unpaid and – in most cases – anonymous, says a resolution passed by the public health committee on Wednesday. While healthcare remains mainly a national responsibility, MEPs recommend that EU countries should cooperate better on cross-border donations. Too few mothers are donating umbilical cord […]


Dog Were Able to Detect Lung Cancer.

    German scientists experimenting with sniffer dogs have found they can accurately detect lung cancer by smelling breath samples. In a study carried out by researchers from Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany, the dogs were able to correctly detect lung tumours in 71 percent of patients, suggesting a similar technique could be used for early […]


Children Are Now Overweight.

    Childhood is now the United States’ worst health crisis, experts said, urging parents to ban television in kids’ rooms and lawmakers to slap a tax on sugar-laden sodas. Two-thirds of US adults and around one fifth of American children are now overweight or obese, and the rising rate of obesity in the United […]

Fat Thighs May Live Longer.

    People with fat in their thighs and backsides may live longer because the fat traps harmful fatty particles and actively secretes helpful compounds, according to a report published on Tuesday. Many studies have shown that people who accumulate fat around the abdomen and stomach are more likely to die of heart disease and […]


Living With Someone Who Has A Drink Problem.

    Alcohol is a potent drug and consequently it has a range of side effects, some pleasurable and some less so. The amount consumed and the circumstances under which the alcohol was taken can play a large part in determining the extent of drunkenness.


What… Masturbation helps men to have versatility.

    Sexologists recommend… Masturbation to relax, and be faithful in real life. If you are still in the dark and pretend to have no idea where to put a condom, do not read any further! Otherwise, you’ll blush and your moral values will be shattered. Although you probably read in the Biblical Book of […]


Parasitic… Worm In Intestinal.

    An international research collaboration has mapped the entire genome of the roundworm, a parasitic intestinal worm that currently infects some 1.2 billion people worldwide, researchers at Copenhagen University said here Thursday. The breakthrough could help pave the way towards finding vaccines or medicines to treat or prevent the parasite that infects millions of […]


To become… billions neurons of the brain.

    Neurons of the brain… In populating the growing brain, neural stem cells must strike a delicate balance between two key processes — proliferation, in which the cells multiply to provide plenty of starting materials — and differentiation, in which those materials evolve into functioning neurons.


Money, Cancer and Cigarettes.

    Cancer and Cigarettes… According to the American Cancer Society, about 5.5 million people died in the world last year over smoking-related diseases and ailments.


Organics food …the Nutrition Debate.

    Recent developments have put organics at the center of a heated debate. Picking a can of black beans is likely one of the most mundane grocery store tasks. Unless, of course, the choice is between organic and non-organic beans. At a Manhattan Whole Foods, the store sells in-house non-organic and organic 15-ounce cans […]


Swine virus mutates every day.

  Swine flu virus more dangerous than AIDS – mutates every day… The new virus continues to become more and more dangerous to the whole world.