Can I Have My Bunny …

    Can bunnies and puppies be friends? Most certainly. Well, almost certainly. It rather depends primarily on the temperament of your dog. However, use your common sense. Asses your pets, is your bunny nervous and high strung?

Virus ready to invade your computer, today April 1

    Devastating virus is reported to be ready to invade your computer on April 1. Will it or won’t it? You’ll find out! CBC video makes you wonder. Visit Microsoft website for more info about this virus. Who knows, you might even be able to make yourself $250,000 US if you can help trap […]

Aggressive and funny Notes

    NOTES People write all kind of stuff to make people do or stop doing something… Sometimes the notes turn out to be very funny… Like these ones, for example… Happy Valentine’s Day! Your morning sex woke me up. Keep it down, or I will continue to let all your neighbors know you’re a […]

It’s funny fashion to fans dress.

    Eyeglasses are one of the few ways you can really express yourself. They don’t have to just serve a function, but can enhance your overall look. Do your best to find a pair of glasses that not only compliments the shape of your face, but also expresses your personality. But it is funny […]

Animals, What He Sees

    Animals… What… He Sees? Sometimes it is importan, to readjust our understanding of what animals see versus what we know  to be the reality….

Photographer and JOKE, up to the minute jokes

  Photographer and… JOKE! The funny emails you receive at work or home from friends at the office. Funny photos and topical, up to the minute jokes . SHARE THEM! We all need a laugh so send in today’s email jokes and funny photos! * How many photographers does it take to change a light […]

This is the incredible moment.

    Incredible moment! The seagull showed off some spectacular acrobatics…  by flying upside down to steal a shrimp dinner right from the mouth of an egret. The unassuming egret had spent more than half an hour patiently fishing before finally landing the fish. But within seconds a cheeky gull swooped upside down and snatched […]

Crazy hairs and dress

    Crazy… dress My reflections: Women need hairs to have societal approval. The crazy version of women hairs this is a interesting. Look beautiful woman is a very nice. The Man Clothing Moments ! Here a few examples of funny clothing. Simply buy a funny clothing , then wear it in public. JOKE for […]

Doctor and …Joke.

    An elderly woman went into the office to doctor. When the doctor asked why she was there, she replied, “I’d like to have some birth control pills.” Taken aback, the doctor thought for a minute and then said, “Excuse me, Mrs. Smith, but you’re 75 years old. What possible use could you have […]

Funny toilets and joke video

    Here are a collection of funny pictures of toilets in unusual locations. Some funny toilet pictures, potty humor pics, washroom comedy photos, bathroom cartoons, urinal comic strips … A young Jewish couple had only recently set up housekeeping when an unfortunate incident occurred. Early one morning, the wife, drowsy from bed, went to […]