The Beatles, Beatlemania and Myths

    The Beatles… Every story eventually gets mythologized, especially when it comes to the history of popular music groups and performers. The history of the most popular band of all times The Beatles also became a subject of this mandatory mythologizing. Here’s an example of one such myth. Many sources on the Internet claim […]


Latvia’s new president

    Raimonds Vejonis – Latvia’s new president. Capping a long and trying day in parliament, the sole remaining candidate for president – Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Vejonis (Green Party). In the fifth vote this evening, emerged victorious, with 55 votes putting him over the top. The Latvian Green Party is a green political party […]


Life is a funny thing in crisis.

    Life and crisis. Some people would still be happy even if the world came crashing down. For others, a minor setback would spark off a downward spiral of deeper sadness. New circumstances are thrown at us day in and day out. We can either make the best of it or make it worst. […]


The top richest man in the world.

  Top richest… The number of dollar billionaires in the world has exceeded 1,000 people. The richest man in the world today is Carlos Slim, a Mexican media tycoon, Forbes magazine wrote this week. Slim’s fortune is evaluated at $53.5 billion. The total capital of 10 richest people in the world has grown to $342 […]


Talking about a virtual currency Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin, what is this? As evidenced by recent events, such currency exists and its value recently reached 900 U.S. dollars. This event has stirred up things in Washington. Congress hastily held a hearing to discuss the threat coming from the currency rapidly gaining strength in global trade and criminal activities.


Mobile gastronomy.

    Mobile gastronomy… the Food Truck is as versatile in its route as the food it carries. As a rule they are driven into areas where there is a high concentration of pedestrians. They can have a fixed waiting point for the customers to come to them at the same time every day or […]


Saint Andrew’s Day.

    Called Saint Andrew’s Day, it’s celebrated in many European countries. According to the old tradition, the afterhours of Dec.12 – 13 are the best time to mess with Mother Nature and get some valuable information out of it. In Scotland, Greece, and Romania, one of Christ’s 12 disciples – Andrew, is honored in […]


The largest arms contract of the last decade.

    Russia was ready to sign a contract with China to supply 48 multi-role Su-35 fighter jets. However, Russia put forward a condition to the Celestial Empire. Moscow demands guarantees that the aircraft will not be further copied for sale. The amount of the expected transaction could reach $4 billion, or approximately $85 million […]


It is still a fast-food joint, after all

    In the battle between Jose’ Bove’, the French antiglobalism activist, and his be^te noire, McDonald’s, there’s no question that the fast-food giant emerged victorious. Today, France has effectively declared its love for Le Big Mac, becoming the No. 2 McDonald’s consumer in the world. To be fair, McDo–as the French call it–has changed […]


Catastrophic shortage of jobs.

Since the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008, developing and developed countries lost 20 million jobs. By the end of next year additional 20 million jobs could be lost. According to some experts, the number of unemployed worldwide has reached 200 million. The current pace of employment growth in the leading countries is […]


The riots in the Moscow (video)

Russian Peoples appalls of Moscow riot. On December 15th, the fans are planning to hold another action in the city, near Kievsky Railway Station. Football fans plan to continue massive actions of protest in connection with the recent death of Spartak fan Yegor Sviridov, who was killed in Moscow by migrants from Russia’s North Caucasus. […]


Chanted “Shame” of London students (video)

Furious student protesters attacked a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, vandalized buildings and battled riot police Thursday as a controversial hike in university fees triggered Britain’s worst political violence in years. In a major security breach, demonstrators set upon the heir to the throne’s Rolls Royce as it drove through London’s busy […]