What is a ice cream

  The ice cream is rooted in ancient Asia, namely, China and Arabia. The researchers found that ice cream can be traced back to the 3rd century B.C. Chinese Emperor and his nobility were served concoctions of fruit juices with snow and ice. The recipes of the unusual dessert were kept secret, and were revealed […]


New Year, symbols and cycles.

    New Year, symbols…. Find out why we are so keen to preserve the rituals and symbols associated with the New Year. 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey. This Chinese New Year 2016 starts from February 8th, 2016 up to January 27th, 2017. This year belongs to the element Fire. And the […]


Disneylands in Paris suburb.

    There are only 5 Disneylands in the world: two in the U.S. (in Florida and California), one in Tokyo, one in Hong Kong and the last in Paris suburb. Disneyland Paris is located approximately 20 miles east of central Paris in Marne-la-Vallée, and can be easily accessed by commuter train or high-speed train […]


Dracula in Wallachian.

    This history of Dracula… Wallachian commander Vlad T,epes, (Impaler), whose residence was located in Sighisoara, Romania, was neither a vampire nor any other supernatural creature. His family coat of arms had an image of a dragon on it, Dracula in Wallachian. That’s where the commander’s sinister nickname came from. However, the stories of […]


Latvia’s new president

    Raimonds Vejonis – Latvia’s new president. Capping a long and trying day in parliament, the sole remaining candidate for president – Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Vejonis (Green Party). In the fifth vote this evening, emerged victorious, with 55 votes putting him over the top. The Latvian Green Party is a green political party […]


Wide profile, patient profile

    I recently switched doctors, which meant my old physician wrote a, patient profile, summarizing my medical history for the new one. Part of this profile caught my eye, in particular the phrase …and a tendency toward mild obesity. This has a suitably clinical ring to it, so the outgoing doctor may have been […]


World Usability Day

    Usability Day… Ten years ago Elizabeth Rosenzweig decided the message needed to be spread that improvements in product, process and technology design were achievable by applying some common principles into the design process. In order to communicate that message she founded World Usability Day. 2015 is the Ten Year Anniversary for World Usability […]


Tigers, conservation in world.

    Currently, the world population of tigers comprises some 3,500 animals. They live in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam. The forum gathered participants from all of the countries that are the last refuge for tigers. Thirteen countries in the territories of which tigers are still […]


Russian Stonehenge.

    WOW, Russian Stonehenge! The ancient Ural fortress Arkaim located in the Chelyabinsk region is called… Russian Stonehenge. In addition to streets and buildings ruins scientists found remnants of the water system, metallurgic furnaces, and mines. It is also believed to be one of the strongest anomaly zones in Russia. It is worth mentioning […]


Life is a funny thing in crisis.

    Life and crisis. Some people would still be happy even if the world came crashing down. For others, a minor setback would spark off a downward spiral of deeper sadness. New circumstances are thrown at us day in and day out. We can either make the best of it or make it worst. […]


The law has its own laws.

    Every country has its own laws. Even when they think these laws are strange we still have to abide by them not to ruin our vacations. For example, in Barcelona, Spain, the officials started the fight against people wearing bikinis in the city. Many residents agree with the officials as they are embarrassed […]


The quality of Russian Vodka is unparalleled.

    Russia, Vodka History. Only a few people know that the first strong, bitter and intoxicating liquid was made in the 11th century by a Persian doctor Ar-Razi. He was the first one to distill ethanol from grain mash, but could only use it for medical purposes since Koran prohibited alcohol consumption. Until the […]