World and biological war.

News about swine flu epidemic has spread all over the world. The mutant virus continues to kill people. The number of victims will soon pass from tens to hundreds. Governments insistently advise their citizens to refrain from travelling to Mexico where the infection supposedly came from. Quotes from Vanga’s prophecies about Third World War have […]

Prime Minister Gordon job is bad.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the leader of the country’s main opposition party apologized Monday over lawmakers’ excessive expenses claims, pledging to overhaul the allowance system and win back public trust. The apologies follow days of embarrassing revelations about claims made by British legislators and government ministers, who used public money to pay for […]

Russian gay community trouble.

Peter Tatchell, Britain’s well-known defender of the rights of sexual minorities, is going to visit Moscow to participate in the gay pride parade in Russia’s capital. Tatchell is arriving in Moscow despite the decision of the Moscow government to ban the march of homosexual individuals. The parade is to take place on May 16, Saturday, […]

London Tower Bridge elevator plunge.

London Ambulance service said four men and two women suffered lower leg injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. All were conscious. The injured included five visitors to the popular tourist destination and one member of staff. “The incident happened when the lift to the Tower Bridge exhibition was on the way down,” said […]

Europe celebrates Victory over Nazism.

Europe celebrates Victory over Nazism on May 8. Germany – the country that lost the war – celebrates this day too. The Germans do not have many complexes about this day: there are not many things left in Germany that remind them of the erstwhile defeat. It took the defeated nation a long time to […]

The history – astounding formation on the surface of Mars.

Spacecraft Viking-1 USA photographed an astounding formation on the surface of Mars. The 1.5 kilometer-long object bore resemblance to woman’s face. The photograph produced a sensation in the whole world – almost all newspapers and magazines of the world published the picture on their pages, the image of the Martian face was on constant presence […]

Eurovision in Moscow.

Rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest kicked off at the Olimpiisky Sports Complex on Sunday, the first official day in the run-up to the competition, which begins May 12. The stadium, which was built for the 1980 Olympics, has undergone a transformation, including what organizers promise is the most expensive Eurovision stage ever. The circular […]

Ship seizure by Somali pirates.

The Ukrainian embassy in Kenya said it is checking media reports that a Ukrainian-crewed ship was seized by pirates on Saturday. Earlier media reported that Somali pirates had seized a Maltese-flagged cargo vessel owned by British company Seven Seas Maritime Ltd. The Ariana, which was attacked in the Indian Ocean, is reported to be carrying […]

Car rams into crowd in Holland.

A car has driven into a crowd of people in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn during celebrations for Queen’s Day, national media reported on Thursday. Dutch media reports say at least 14 people were injured. It is not yet clear if the attack was targeted at the royals. The incident occurred while an open-top bus […]

Detains 29 Somali pirates…

Russia’s Admiral Panteleyev missile destroyer has detained a boat carrying 29 suspected pirates off the Somali coast, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. A new task force from Russia’s Pacific Fleet led by the destroyer joined anti-piracy operations on Monday off the Horn of Africa. “A search of the detained vessel resulted in the […]

Europe’s first human swine flu case.

The first human case of swine flu in Europe has been confirmed in Spain, the country’s government said on Monday. Spanish Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez said a 23-year-old Spanish man who recently returned from Mexico started showing symptoms of the virus on Saturday and was later hospitalized in Almansa in southeast Spain. The minister said […]

Alcohol Makes Russians an Extinct Nation.

Russia for an alcoholic collapse because of the policy of making drunkards of people that is so obvious here now. These pessimistic forecasts are based upon data provided by the World Health Organization. The organization states that a nation absolutely dies away when alcohol production reaches 8 liters per head in a year. The showing […]