Iran and satellite.

Iran – first satellite has successfully completed its scientific mission after more than a month in orbit. Put its first communications satellite, Omid (Hope), into a near-Earth orbit on February 2. The satellite was carried into orbit by a home-made launch vehicle, Safir (Messenger). The satellite had no technical problems in orbit and it fulfilled […]

Satellite launch -Taepodong-2 missile.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il believes his communist regime is strong and the country’s army is prepared to fight any adversary. Kim made his comments as he inspected an artillery unit and watched its shooting exercise, referring to North Korean state media, which failed, however, to indicate the time or the place of the visit. […]

Chavez and Russian strategic bombers.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has proposed to Russia using a Venezuelan island for temporary hosting of Russian long-range aviation, a top-ranking Russian Air Force official said Saturday. “There is such a proposal on the part of the Venezuelan president. Chavez proposed to us a whole island with an airfield that we can use for temporary […]

Georgia,refuses to change the lyrics.

Georgia has pulled out of the 2009 Eurovision song contest, due to be held in Moscow, the head of the country’s national competition said on Wednesday. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) officially informed Georgia on Tuesday that its entry did not comply with the rules of the competition, which do not permit “lyrics, speeches, gestures […]

Iran calls for reform.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that the era of global capitalism has come to an end and countries need to establish new structures for trade and economic cooperation. The Iranian president was speaking in Tehran at the opening of the 10th summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization.


You diminished joy of sex.

  The greater the drop in cholesterol from taking statin drugs, the more sexual pleasure is reduced, suggests a study due Friday at the American Psychosomatic Society meeting in Chicago. This may be the first research to pit statins against placebos to see how the blockbuster statins affect the ability to have orgasms. Statins generated […]

Others have only debts.

The Ministerial Conference in Prague (the Czech Republic currently holds the EU presidency) on March 2 launched preparations for the 5th anniversary celebrations of the European Union’s “Great Leap” to the East, the largest EU enlargement in 2004 when it took in 10 new member countries, increasing its total membership from 15 to 25.  EU […]

Deep Purple – such an incredible play.

Veteran rockers Deep Purple will give two concerts in Moscow on April 18 and 19 this year in the capital’s B1 Maximum club, the concert PR agency Melnitsa-International. Last year, Deep Purple toured 11 cities in Russia and Ukraine from October 12 through 28, visiting not only the two countries’ capitals of Moscow and Kiev, […]

Boeing 737-800 Crashes In Amsterdam.

A Turkish Airlines flight carrying 135 passengers has crashed while attempting to land at Amersterdam’s Schipol airport. It was on the approach to runway 36, but crashed before reaching the airport.  The CNN Turk TV station said at least one person was killed in the impact and 20 injured. The Boeing 737-800, which had reportedly […]

I live in Latvia – unfit prime minister.

In Latvia the prime minister of Godmanis is old drummer. He – disc jockey (DJ). He is not prime minister. He talk very quickly and not very clearly. During this time the words “crisis” and “Godmanis” have become synonyms. The prime minister has become an embodiment of the whole government, taking responsibility even for the […]


Mumiy Troll eyes success in U.S.

  Russian rock band Mumiy Troll is planning to release its first foreign album, “Comrade Ambassador”, in late March, a spokesman said on Friday. “Comrade Ambassador”, to be released together with U.S. company Syndicate and Russias social network, will consist of 14 tracks, including a Russian language version of the Mamas and Papas 1965 […]