Christmas Travel, Island

  Christmas Travel… North Island in the Seychalles offers a tranquil retreat with a conscience to do the best, not only by its customers and staff, but by the island environment and it`s native species of flora and fauna. The luxury kitchens provide a range of locally sourced foods, in keeping with the ethos of […]

Russian tourists, ashamed of themselves

    Russian tourists are ashamed of themselves. This is a drama for russia A German citizen who requested his money back after his vacation was “ruined” by Russians in Turkey added more fuel to the fire. Russian tourists – is a phrase that makes many shudder. Rightfully or not, but Russians earned a reputation of […]

Pleasant to rest, Mammoth Cave

    Mammoth Cave National Park preserves the cave system and a part of the Green River valley and hilly country of south central Kentucky. This is the world’s longest cave system, with more than 365 miles explored. Blasts of cool air offered a welcome reprieve from the scorching summer as a tour group descended […]

We love pets and this makes us better

  We love pets… Ninety percent of pet owners talk to their pets, the survey found, and nearly a third of them admitted to confessing their secrets to them. Over half of Canadian pet owners think their animals are more reliable than people as nearly all of them talk to their pets on a regular […]

To learn and learn and learn

  To learn! Congratulation… go to school? A seven-year-old British boy was celebrating after passing a maths exam normally undertaken by students more than twice his age, reports said Friday. Jude Alli, who took the test when he was six and received a D grade, said he found maths easy and had been “very excited” […]

Best Anti – Hangover Protection.

    Anti – Hangover Protection…. The New Year and Christmas festivities are over. Many tasty treats and alcoholic beverages were consumed, causing hangover. Russians learned to fight hangover long ago with traditional pickle juice and sauerkraut. What people all over the globe use to treat hangover? Turks cure the unpleasant syndrome with yogurts and […]

The measures of fighting drunkenness in USSR

    At first, people were not too afraid… drunkenness! They first thought it will be the usual way – they will slightly raise the price for vodka and conduct some meetings. Yet, the issue took a serious turn and as early as in 1985 the production of vodka was reduced twofold and the number […]

This symptoms of compulsive for hoarding.

    People who have a compulsive urge to collect and clutter their homes with junk can partly attribute their problem to genes, according to a British study. Researchers from King’s College London used a twin study to find that genetic predisposition explained a large amount of the risk for compulsive hoarding. A mental health […]

Scandalous fashion designer and his collection.

    The scandalous fashion designer (Rick Owens), has debuted his new collection in Paris, created to amuse and shock the public. The next gasps came about halfway through the show, when male models came down the runway fully exposed. Yes, there were about three penises visible and flopping around, surely to be blurred for […]

Have Courage in Mini-skirt.

    Mini-skirts are popular not only among young and pretty long-legged girls, but also among more mature women with shapes far from perfect. They are convinced that short skirts make them visually younger and more attractive. Often ladies forget about health issues associated with mini-skirts. Mini-skirts should be worn sensibly. Indeed, doctors, namely, OB/GYNs […]

French feminists celebrate victory.

    Feminists celebrate victory! They will no longer have to deal with “mademoiselle”…  the word that has been irritating them for years. The French government ordered to strike the word out from official documents. It is quite possible that the word will eventually disappear from every-day speech of the French people. Spokespeople for feminist […]

This funny drama in street, piss in public.

    How to piss in public? Many people have brief, isolated episodes of urinary difficulty in situations where other people are in close proximity. This occurs around towns and cities all over the planet every Friday and Saturday night, so much that the streets run yellow with rivers of urine. But it’s not always […]