Horoscope Career.

       2015!  Horoscope Career and Income to YOU ! Aries Arians working as career professionals, executives and officers enjoy working for their professions and the New Year, Aries horoscope can bring very exciting news about career promotion and development.

To YOU… horoscope.

      We always to read through Horoscope ! Its time, time for a new year beckoning! The New Year ushers in new dreams, new hopes and new aspirations. Most of us vow to achieve all those things in the coming year that we couldn’t attain in the present year. With the new wishes, […]

Super mega yacht.

    Is probably one of the most unusual and most expensive luxury yacht  in the world. Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko spent over $400 million on the construction of the yacht. Andrey and his wife Aleksndra spend the whole summer on board their beautiful yacht in the Caribbean basin. The super yacht was designed by […]

Halloween Ideas for You.

    Halloween Ideas … Re-create your favorite TV crime drama this October! Drape fake crime scene tape around your front yard, or line your sidewalk and porch with it. Splash plenty of fake blood around on the sidewalk or walls (first make sure it won’t leave a stain). Lay down a chalk outline on […]

The women, Russian beauty.

    What exactly is the  women, Russian beauty? Think Russian women – think beauty, high heels and… now stop here because you wont find another one of those “Russian women are beautiful stories” here. If some cliches are anything to go by, Russia is populated with stunning brides and blonde tennis players. Russian women […]

The gorgeous halos of Hollywood.

        Hollywood… Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard. Underneath the gorgeous halos of Hollywood couples, some of them seem to be not really happy as they pretend. They may suffer from drug addiction, excessive drinking and most eye-catching problem — domestic violence. Those horrible experiences leave the star victims embarrassed […]

Supermarkets and You Spending More Money.

    Supermarkets, think there’s a reason, your mother told you to make a grocery list and stick to it. Every part of the supermarket from parking lot to checkout counter is designed to make you spend more money and buy more food than you need. Customers may go to the store for milk and […]

Men are terrible creatures.

    Have you ever thought something like , Men are terrible creatures. They wage wars, start conflicts and then blame us for everything saying that all they do they do it for women. They demand impossible from women expecting them to do dishes, cook, work, and look like women on magazine covers. At the […]

The 96 per cent of women on a diet.

    Diet… In an interview with Chris Bertelli (C.B. is the Sa~o Paulo correspondent for Brazilian site IG) during her visit to Sa~o Paulo for a Psychoanalysis Congress… British psycho-analyst Susie Orbach, who gained notoriety after being called to treat Princess Diana for her bulimia, stated that the Brazilian concept of the body follows […]

Greet Estonians by saying, TERE.

    In fact, when you hear an, Estonians speak, you’ll see that they are fast talkers. Estonian words are often short and have double vowels. Struggling with long words and many consonants in the Russian language, they do come through as being slow but as soon as they switch to English or German they […]

3D films of bad for eyes.

    A passion for 3D films can be very bad for your eyes. Movie–goers should not watch 3D films more than three or four times a week, whereas such films are not recommended at all to some people for medical reasons. Eye doctors had to pay attention to the phenomenon of 3D films as […]

For rent, friend.

    Friend for rent”is nor a joke neither a quotation from anti-Utopia. This is a modern reality. Services like “friends for rent,””temporary wives” and even “pet per hour” The essence of the 21st century is “everything is for sale.” We will help you fool yourself and others – just pay on time! When I […]