Men also detest harem pants to women.

  Harem pants adored by women! While chasing fashionable trends, women forget that being trendy and attractive for men are two different things. It turns out men do not like many contemporary tendencies in fashion. Mostly men complain about harem or drop-crotch pants first shown to the public by Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. First […]

San Diego and your budget demands.

    Budget demands in San Diego… It is one of the biggest cities in the United States, but in many ways it feels like a small town – just with more cars and people. Nestled on one of the West Coast’s most beautiful bays, the city is blessed with friendly locals rightly proud of […]

Insecurity, financial worries.

    The trend seems to be speeding up, financial worries. The onset of middle age can begin as early as 35, according to recent studies made in the United States of America. Research has shown that extreme pressure at work, job insecurity and financial worries can cause the ageing process to start in the […]

This fish is the pride of the owners of elite aquarium.

      The most expensive aquarium fish in the world, perhaps, is – a rare platinum Arawana. It is 40 centimeters graceful creation belongs to the Singapore breeder Aro Dynasty. But why this fish has such an incredible price? All because of its flawless body color fish without a single blemish Namely, the rarest […]

Restaurant, Eat Food from Floor.

  All waiters and waitresses dream to open their own restaurant, and all of them are certain that they will do it best. A waiter will never spit in a dish. They will not do it at least during the time when they hope to receive a tip. There are many jokes and legends about […]

Your face, for a natural facelift.

    Your face…from wrinkles to under-eye circles and eye bags to spots. The effects of our lifestyles can display themselves on our faces before we even start to feel them. Ageing, pollution, stress and fatigue can all take their toll on our appearance. Luckily, there is no need to opt for surgery just yet. […]

Candy Dulfer, phenomenon.

    Candy Dulfer is a phenomenon on the contemporary jazz stage. While it takes most young jazz musicians years to make themselves known. Candy was already an established musician with a record deal by the age of 19. Moreover, Candy, a gorgeous blonde sax player with the appearance of a top model, says she […]

This is genetics, simple.

  What, genetics? Many often wonder how all the varieties or “races” of people could come from the same original human ancestors. Well, in principle, that’s no different than asking how children with different color hair (i.e., blonde, brunette, brown, red) can come from the same parents who both have black hair. Just as some […]

Is it genetics or is it upbringing, aggression.

  Can we fight aggression? The number of crimes (including economic, political and criminal acts) grows 10 percent a year. It means that in about 10 years the world would turn into a criminal group. The fear of being hurt by another human being grows among people every day. It is a well-known fact that […]

Problem to Women, Gigalos.

    She is open to gigolos… Women, age 30,(Tamara) has never touched a large sum of money. Most of her life she was taking care of her grandmas and aunties while studying at an Institute. Having received large inheritance, the young girl nearly got into trouble. Tamara loved her family. She enjoyed taking care […]

Fishing, Fish With Human Teeth.

    Fishing to Russia…. Fisherman Valery from Russia’s Southern Urals was catching fish in a small lake about 40 kilometers far from the city of Chelyabinsk. The man was fishing sitting in his boat. It was a very quiet morning, and the man was very sleepy. All of a sudden, he saw a fish […]

It might be your first step towards happiness.

  Happiness… Women spend a lot of time at the mirror despite the proverbial wisdom – it’s not beauty that makes you happy. Most women are convinced that if they were more attractive their lives would be different and it would be easier to get a man of their dream. However, polls suggest that their […]