History First Satellite Television.

    The first satellite television signal was relayed from Europe to the Telstar satellite over North America in 1962. The first geosynchronous communication satellite, Syncom 2, was launched in 1963. The world’s first commercial communication satellite, called Intelsat I (nicknamed Early Bird), was launched into synchronous orbit on April 6, 1965.


The security risks, always, by adopting weak passwords

    Weak passwords. Internet users are leaving themselves open to security risks by adopting weak passwords, a new study reveals. British insurer CPP said that too many people are using things like memorable dates, names of their children and are even sharing them with friends and colleagues. The survey also found that some 46 […]


Evolutionary Theory, how life could have arisen by chance.

    Evolutionary Theory… Millions of high school and college biology textbooks teach that research scientist Stanley Miller, in the 1950’s, showed how life could have arisen by chance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Miller, in his famous experiment in 1953, showed that individual amino acids (the building blocks of life) could come […]


Smart TV Televisions and Your leisure

    After mobile phones Smart TV televisions started to get smarter and smarter. Television sets will never be the same again. A couple of years ago, some of the manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.) started adding Internet features to their top models of TV sets. You could connect your TV box to your local […]


The internet freedom from SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA.

    Freedom from SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. We must not oversleep our freedom! The Internet is just one of the tools for helping the entertainment business advertise their work. People do make legal purchases after they have seen it on Youtube or after downloading it. I agree that there should be restrictions, very true […]


Floating Platform research, ocean vessel

    Floating Platform (Flip) is an open ocean research vessel owned by the Office of Naval Research and operated by the Marine Physical Laboratory of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography In 1962 they were joined by the research Floating Platform  FLIP, FLoating Instrument Platform, whose great length lies mainly in the untroubled waters beneath the […]


Dolphins are able to quickly recover

    Dolphins… Recent studies show that dolphins have features that could be compared to the powers of comic book heroes. In addition to the animal’s capacity for quick healing, which can inspire human medications, scientists discovered that they are able to detect electric fields around them, making it easier to obtain food both in […]


Using your online presence, unfriend

  unfriend … If you’re considering dipping a toe into online world, there are few things you should know. Don’t invite all your friends Most social networks (SNs) will offer to trawl your Web-based email address books and connect you with friends. Don’t let them. Not until you’ve found out how your information is treated. […]


Loss of ice from glaciers

    Despite the worldwide loss of ice from glaciers, ice packs and ice shelves, it’s not likely that ice will vanish from Earth’s surface and seas, according to German researchers. Andre’Bornemann of the University of Leipzig in Germany and several colleagues studied sediment cores drilled out of the Atlantic seafloor and retrieved fossils of […]


Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

    Responsive Web Design… Like a lot of people, you’ve probably got a functioning desktop site and a great mobile site, so you most likely haven’t given it much thought. To be sure, for many businesses, there are far more pressing matters to attend to than transitioning perfectly good desktop and mobile websites to […]


New York yellow taxi.

    Look, history in photo, New York yellow taxi. Back in the early twentieth century Yellow Cab company chose bright yellow color for cars. That were specially designed to work as a taxi. The choice in favor of this particular color was made because the bright yellow color is clearly visible on city streets. […]


What Is LED Technology In TVs.

    LED Technology… LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been around for decades, but their introduction into HDTV design and availability on the high street is a fairly recent development. LED televisions are basically LCD TVs with one crucial difference – the handful of traditional backlight lamps that illuminate the screen have been replaced by […]