Google threaten to leave China

Beijing called Thursday on the international community to cooperate in greater control of the internet, even as Google threatened to leave China after its computers were hacked from within the communist country. “All countries should take active measures to enhance the efficiency of internet governance to avoid their own problems on the internet affecting other […]

A H1N1 scare was a campaign of panic.

The Council of Europe, considers that the A H1N1 scare was a “campaign of panic”, a “false pandemic”, “one of the great medicine scandals of the century” and claims that the vaccines, based on cancerous cells, spell the chilling message “there is worse to come”. For Wolfgang Wodarg, the pandemic of A H1N1, which started […]

3D TV is a like works.

  3D TV … This is supposedly the year 3D television becomes the hot new thing: Updated sets and disc players are coming out, and 3D cable channels are in the works. But it’s not clear the idea will reach out and grab mainstream viewers.

Cellphones and Alzheimers !

A study in mice suggests using cellphones may help prevent some of the brain-wasting effects of Alzheimer’s disease, US researchers said on Wednesday. After long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves such as those used in cell phones, mice genetically altered to develop Alzheimer’s performed as well on memory and thinking skill tests as healthy mice, the […]

Special services will scan passengers.

    Scan passengers… From now on, the US plane passengers will be “undressed.” Special services obtained equipment that will scan passengers, checking them under the clothes. Airports personnel believe that this measure would help to prevent terrorist attacks and speed up security control.

Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas

Sleeker, smarter mobile phones, tablets, and netbooks will be stars (7-10 january) premier Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, as firms bring out their latest gadgets to court the Internet crowd. While this year’s CES will be smaller due to the global economic crisis, 110,000 people are registered to attend and the number of […]


If any disease swept the northern hemisphere creating 243 million cases and causing 863,000 deaths in one year, the panic would be on a scale far superior to the hysteria over Influenza A H1N1. Yet because 90 per cent of the malaria cases are in Africa, the disease goes largely unreported in media circles. There […]

Blocked negotiations

U.N. climate talks were thrown into disarray Monday as developing countries blocked negotiations, demanding that rich countries raise their pledges for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives from developing countries said they refused to participate in any working groups at the 192-nation summit until the issue was resolved. The move was a setback for the Copenhagen […]

The new dinosaur

Newly described dinosaur fossils from New Mexico are helping scientists better understand the early development of these ancient creatures. The 6-to-12 foot-long, meat-eating creature, Tawa hallae, is described in Friday’s edition of the journal Science. The first dinosaurs developed about 230 million years ago, and T. hallae skeletons date from about 213 million years ago, […]

Facebook hopes…

Facebook is changing its privacy settings to give users more control over who sees the information they post on their personal pages. Beginning Wednesday, the networking Web site is taking the rare step of requiring its more than 350 million users to review and update their privacy settings. The new controls are designed to simplify […]

Warming in the climate system is unequivocal

Scientists with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) insist that global warming is a reality despite the controversy arising from the stolen e-mails of climate scientists. Latest findings continue to support the statement that “warming in the climate system is unequivocal”, the key conclusion they made in the 2007 Climate Change Report, Thomas Stocker, […]

Stinger for illegally, Purchase

    According to the latest UN estimations, the world population owns nearly 500 million units of small and light arms purchased illegally. Western countries, developing countries and Russia are alarmed with this statistics. There are many human tragedies hidden behind clandestine weapons. Often, such weapons are sold at the places of recent war actions […]