New York yellow taxi.

    Look, history in photo, New York yellow taxi. Back in the early twentieth century Yellow Cab company chose bright yellow color for cars. That were specially designed to work as a taxi. The choice in favor of this particular color was made because the bright yellow color is clearly visible on city streets. […]


What Is LED Technology In TVs.

    LED Technology… LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been around for decades, but their introduction into HDTV design and availability on the high street is a fairly recent development. LED televisions are basically LCD TVs with one crucial difference – the handful of traditional backlight lamps that illuminate the screen have been replaced by […]


LED TVs over their predecessors.

    LED TVs… Entertainment remains one of the driving forces of scientific progress. Electronic makers invest a lot in the development of new state-of-the-art technologies. LED TVs are one of the recent achievements of the modern-day electronic industry. Will LED eventually replace LCD and plasma TV sets? There is a whole range of new […]


Dirty keyboard, cleaning.

    This moment, my dirty keyboard… terrible monster. Oh, I clean the keyboard…. 😉 My small instruction… The computer keyboard is often the most germ infected items in your home or office, often it will contain more bacteria than your toilet seat. Cleaning it can help remove any dangerous bacteria. Dirt, dust and hair […]


Crazy sign, stupid path.

    Stupid path, Never! How can you avoid someone who is driving while stupid? You can’t. People will continue to make stupid driving mistakes. The best solution: drive defensively. Keep your own eyes on the road, keep your distance from other cars, and watch your speed limit. By all means, pay close attention when […]


New method testing… curb false.

    New method testing… Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that has drawn some decidedly juvenile pranks, is looking to impose more discipline with new restrictions on the editing of articles. The latest changes come as Wikipedia tries to balance a need for credibility and a desire for openness. While anyone can still edit entries, the […]


People are happiest on weekends… twitter confirm.

    I happiest on weekends… It illustrates a new opportunity for doing social and behavioral science in ways that were really unimaginable even five years ago. Twitter confirms it: People tend to wake up in a good mood and are happiest on weekends. The fast-paced forum is offering scientists a peek at real-time, presumably […]


This is a dream, Parrot AR Drone 2.0 GPS Edition.

    The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 GPS is showing off some new features of their newer. AR Drone 2.0 remote-controlled quadricopter here at CES, and one of the new products they have on tap is a GPS “flight recorder” that video-records all your flights, and the accompanying iPad app lets you make edits to […]


Technology To Knowledge.

    Technology To Knowledge. A Guide To Basic PC Cooling. One of the greatest dangers to your PC is something we all take for granted… Heat! Your office space may be cool enough for you, but is it for your PC ? Desktop PCs and Notebook PCs generate heat that can be damaging to […]


Domain names seized because of fraudulent practices.

    The 690 domain names seized are part of project ‘In Our Sites – Transatlantic 3’. These websites were set up to dupe consumers into unknowingly buying counterfeit products. The operation was coordinated by Europol for the participating EU Member States and the HSI-led National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) in Washington, […]


The virus infections in your computer.

  Computer… The virus infections had caused either loss of information or waste of time. Meanwhile, four percent of the internet users suffered from an abuse of personal information sent on the internet or other privacy violations. Three percent of them suffered financial loss due to phishing or pharming attacks or fraudulent payment card use.


The fastest ever crash test. (video)

   Crash test… This is the terrifying moment a Ford Focus smashes into a solid concrete wall at 120mph in the world’s fastest ever crash test. Industry experts EuroNCAP normally crash vehicles at speeds of 40mph when giving production cars a safety rating. But Five’s motoring show Fifth Gear wanted to see what would happen […]