Mini Cooper… Amazing Car.

    Yes, it’s … amazing car Mini Cooper is famous for its history. At the time, House hadn’t even seen what the car looked like–this was in 2000, well before BMW debuted the redesigned classic. But the possibility that he might not like the car never crossed his mind.

Facebook and video games are not inherently bad

  Video games… Sure, there are real dangers associated with all this screen time — everything from cyberbullying to couch-potato obesity. Not to mention driving while texting, shortened attention spans and Internet porn.

MINI Cooper S and Porsche 911 Carrera S

    MINI Cooper S… vs… Porsche 911 Carrera S Dear Jim, Imagine our surprise to discover our former employee, now the head of Mini, has challenged us to a head-to-head race.

Memory… Installation in Your PC.

    Memory… Installation     1. GENERAL INFO Check System Manual for the available upgrade path & specific information to your particular system. Before touching any electronic components, make sure you are properly grounded.

International Conference… Cyber Crime.

    Cyber Crime… is global problem. Keeping up with our international theme at ICDF2C, we are proud to announce this year that ICDF2C 2013 will run in parallel to InfoSecurity Russia 2013. The premiere information security industry event in Russia.

Google unveil the Chromecast.

  Google unveil the Chromecast… A $35 HDMI stick that can stream content directly to your TV. It sold out nearly immediately due to the low price, but can it replace other streaming devices like the Roku or Apple TV? How it works:

Automotive Industry Fair AUTO 2013.

Automotive Industry Fair From 26 to 28 April Kipsala in Latvia. International Exhibition Centre offers the annual automotive industry fair "AUTO 2013" that includes four theme sectors "Auto", "Transport Engineering", "Auto Mechanics" and "Auto Exotica". With the sector "Auto" expanding each year, we have got confirmation of participation from a number of vehicle brands like Alfa

Google and filter to image search.

Google is finally catching up to the GIF frenzy. Google expanding its image search tools to include a section for the animated clips. All of your grumpy cat meme needs will now be satisfied with the addition of the "Animated" option to Google Image Search. To use it, select "Search tools" and the "Any type" dropdown menu.

Cybercrime network group… arested.

Cybercrime network ... this is big problem in your computer. Spanish Police, working closely with the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol, have dismantled the largest and most complex cybercrime network dedicated to spreading police ransomware. It is estimated that the criminals affected tens of thousands of computers worldwide, bringing in profits in excess of one million euros per year.

Rally Championship in Latvia the 2013.

That Round 2 of the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship will be held in Latvia on February 1–3. With RA Motosport Association as the official organizer. Rally Liepaja-Ventspils will not only be Round 2 of the FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) but also the first two rounds of the Latvian Rally Championship. Crews from Latvia and abroad will face a demanding drive of 240 kilometers along the snow and ice covered Kurzeme roads.