Russia weaponry is obsolete.

    The Russia-Georgia war last August demonstrated Moscow’s assertive stance in foreign and security policy, of which military power is one of its major instruments. But the short five-day war showed that much of Russia’s weaponry is obsolete and that its ability to conduct skillful warfare is limited. Although Russian forces were victorious against […]


Plane slammed into the Atlantic Ocean.

  Plane slammed… Air France Flight 447 slammed into the Atlantic Ocean, intact and belly first, at such a high speed that the 228 people aboard probably had no time to even inflate their life jackets, French investigators said Thursday in their first report into the June 1 accident.

Baltic Open Regatta in Liepaja.

    This year one of the regatta ports will be Liepaja – the city where the wind is born. The city of Liepaja is very helpful in supporting the BOR organizers to make a good regatta stop-over in Liepaja and look forward to a long time cooperation with the “Baltic Open Regatta”.Visit in Liepaja […]

Days in office…100

Barack Obama on Wednesday marked the 100th day of his presidency after a whirlwind start in which he has signaled a new approach on policies from the economy to climate change to U.S. relations with Iran. Some have used the milestone to assess Obama’s policies, even as analysts cautioned it was too soon to say […]


Communist Party of Russia has expressed its outrage.

  Communist Party of Russia… Members of a number of Russian political parties, including the communists and Yabloko, will gather in St. Petersburg at the weekend to protest against the bombing of a statue of Lenin, which was dismantled overnight.