Latvia is in an area of little seismic activity.

Latvia, like other countries, is not immune from earthquakes. Several are recorded every year, but most go unnoticed by the public because they occur in the Baltic Sea or are so insignificant that they might not even be felt above ground. Latvia is in an area of little seismic activity, but that does not mean […]


Andris Berzins the Latvian new president.

Latvia’s parliament, the Saeima, voted on Thursday to make Andris Berzins the country’s new president. Parliament had to choose from two candidates – the incumbent president Valdis Zatlers, and lawmaker Andris Berzins. Zatlers, whose presidential term expires on July 7, lost support among lawmakers in late May after he accused them of being soft with […]


Mississippi and widespread flooding. (photo)

    Flooding… The river took aim at one of the most poverty-stricken parts of the country after cresting before daybreak at Memphis, Tennessee, just short of the record set in 1937. Some low-lying neighborhoods were inundated, but the city’s high levees protected much of the rest of Memphis.


The “Baltic Tigers” as an exemplary battering.

Analysts have viewed Latvia’s October election results as vindication of the efficacy of austerity for solving the economic crisis. The standard narrative is that Latvia’s Prime Minister won re-election even after imposing the harshest tax and austerity policies ever imposed during peacetime, because voters realized that this was necessary. On politics, the standard narrative (as […]


The catastrophe for low-lying areas.

  Low-lying areas… In 2006, the combined ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica were losing some 475 billion tonnes of ice a year due to melting. The Greenland sheet melt is increasing by 22 GT (billion tonnes, GigaTonnes) a year and the Antarctic sheet melt is


Where beginning of a new Ice Age.

Frightening new evidence begins to surface about the Earth’s wobble, its effect on the climate and the beginning of a new Ice Age, heralded by a series of monster storms such as those unleashed on the UK in late 2010… The USA before Christmas and now again at the beginning of February and Eastern Australia, […]