Danger, furious crows.

    A flock of furious crows invaded the territory of one of the hospitals in St. Petersburg. The crows attack all the people who come to “their territory”, including patients and doctors. Defenceless doctors do not know what to do. In order to protect the patients from the bloodthirsty birds, the administration of the […]

Latvia, Town Riga and People.

    Riga is more than 800 years old and with a blend of a medieval centre and a modern city. Mixed together so perfectly that it fits every taste and with an enchanting and irresistible charm of old times. As a result of the Livonian war (1558-1583) in 1581 Riga came under Polish rule. […]

Vegetarians in China.

    Vegetarians… to be or not to be. Being the closest living human relative to the great carnivorous beasts that roamed our planet many millions of years ago, the vast array of dishes containing members of the animal kingdom was a personal delight on arriving in Beijing. From conventional dishes like Kung Pao Chicken […]

Matryoshka to exorcises evil spirits.

    Matryoshka, a traditional Russian souvenir, or nesting doll, is known all over the world. However, at the moment the Russian nesting dolls are not the rosy-cheeked beauties with traditional Russian ornaments painted on them.

Norway… this is a very well.

  Norway… The United Nations on Thursday named oil-rich Norway as the country with the best quality of life, while Asia has made the biggest strides in recent decades. The UN’s annual A-to-Z of global wealth, poverty, health and education highlighted however that it is becoming ever more difficult to break into the rich club […]

Saint Patrick’s Day.

      Saint Patrick’s Day… Lá Fhéile Pádraig…   May Christ and His saints stand between you and harm. May and her Son St. Patrick with his staff. Martin with his mantle. Bridget with her vail. Michael with his shield. And God over all with His strong right hand.

The Games in Sochi 2014.

    Sochi 2014, venue of the XXII Winter Olympic Games from February 7 to 23, slogan… Hot. Cool. Yours. Mascots the Leopard, the Hare and the Polar Bear. Kicks off on Friday February 7 with a spectacular opening ceremony heralding two weeks of sport, although the snowboard and freestyle skiing events began Thursday.

Iceland Whaling , Boycott

    YES, Iceland Whaling, Boycott in 2014. Today petitions are flying around the Internet for tourists to boycott Iceland while the country continues to practice whaling. Japan has found a willing bedboy in the international community to provide it with whale-meat. The name of this country is Iceland, which has announced that instead of […]

Supermarket Maxima, Roof Collapse in Latvia

    Twenty five people are dead and dozens more are feared missing after the collapse of the roof of a supermarket Maxima in the Latvian capital Riga. Some 500 square meters of roof caved in at the supermarket Maxima building in the capital, Riga.

World’s Scariest Hotel.

    Teetering a thousand feet above jagged rock faces in the Alps. Tthis is the world’s scariest hotel. The white and red metal tube is designed to hold up to 12 weary climbers crossing the deadly Mont Blanc mountain range in Italy. It includes wooden bunk beds, a kitchen, dining room, storage racks and […]

Adorable Kitten Resemblance to a Batman.

    An adorable kitten (Venus) with more than a passing resemblance to a certain two-faced Batman villain. Venus’ furry face, as you can see, is distinctively split into two halves: the left is covered in black fur and features a yellow eye, while the right is covered in ginger fur and features a blue […]

Job and superstitious beliefs.

   I… superstitious! People of many professions have their own superstitions. Most likely, they did not appear from scratch. Doctors, for example, try not to exchange their night duties. If they do, they will have a tough night, they say.