Eesti Energia joins U.S.


The Estonian energy company Eesti Energia has joined the United States in developing a fourth-generation nuclear power plant equipped with IRIS reactors. Eesti Paevalehet quoted Jurgen Ligi, a member of the supervisory board of the state-run company, as saying that the country could build its own nuclear power plant with two 335 MW IRIS reactors by 2019 and that Eesti Energia was pursuing terms under which the reactor producer would be in charge of nuclear waste disposal. The International Reactor Innovative and Secure (IRIS) is a smaller-scale advanced light water reactor (LWR), being developed through a strong international partnership for near-term deployment (within the next decade), to offer a simple nuclear plant with outstanding safety, attractive economics and enhanced proliferation resistance characteristics. The IRIS project was launched in 1999 with the participation of 10 states, including the U.S., Russia and Britain. A first-of-its-kind commercial plant is to be constructed in or around 2015.

Eesti Energia presentation.

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