Gifts for your Valentine.



Gifts for your Valentine… Your 3D face !

You can have your head scanned and turned into a 3D digital model, which is then printed in plastic in high definition on a ProjetHD printer.

A silicon mould is made from this positive form and filled with melted chocolate – and the final product can be secreted in a box of chocolates and presented to your unsuspecting loved one.

A chocolate making workshop by KS Design Lab offers classes ahead of Valentine’s Day for making personalized gifts, by turning one’s face into a chocolate treat for their significant other.

Participants of the workshop first scan their faces and edit the data using a computer software.

The data is then sent to a 3D printer to produce silicon moulds which chocolate is eventually poured into.

Gifts for your Valentine...

Gifts for your Valentine...

Chocolates made in the shapes of faces at ahead of Valentine’s Day

Tradition states that women give chocolate gifts to men on Valentine’s Day – with special emphasis on bespoke, handmade items. Men are expected to return the favour one month later on “White Day”

It joins a growing trend for niche coffee shops in Japan, including love cafes, where you can have a drink  by friends, and cafes where you can eat with your favourite real live exclusive … lover in life

The molds turn out eerie candy likenesses meant to be nestled as a “surprise” in a box of Valentine’s chocolates.

As in, “Surprise! My filling’s brain-flavored!” or “Surprise, my head actually IS full of peanuts!” or “Surprise!

I spent our vacation money flying to Tokyo and back to make you this mold of my face we can fill with chocolate over and over again!”

Happy love day and Gifts for your Valentine !

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