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music_Europe-wide limits on noise levels from MP3 players and mobile phones will be proposed next week following scientific warnings about the risk of permanent hearing damage from “in-ear” music systems.

The quality of music reproduction at high levels on tiny players is now so good that more people are turning up the volume – risking long-term hearing loss.

But the noise limits to be recommended by the European Commission will be advisory – with individuals able to turn up the volume beyond the “default” maximum if they wish to.

The proposals have been prompted by a report a year ago by the EU’s scientific committee on emerging and newly identified health risks (SCENIHR), which estimated that 5-10% of personal music player users risk permanent damage if they listen for more than an hour a day at high volume settings for at least five years.

European Commission officials said that although that sounds like a low risk, more and more youngsters were plugging themselves into loud music for potentially long periods every day, such as for journeys to and from school or work.

Add up the hours and the decibels,…. please, more here

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