Old Art Photo In Coloring.



Old Art  Photo…

I thought it would be interesting to look back in time with this extraordinary collection of color photographs.
After the invention of photography it became clear that its main problem is lack of colors.

So masters who coul colorize photos for exhibitions and print publications were found really quickly.

The history of this craft, that became a high art, deserves a separate large study.Since colored photography was invented people colorize only history photos to “bring” them to a modern audience, enhance the sense of reality.

In spite of all the “wonders of Photoshop” today, as before, colorizing the picture to full similarity with the color photography is almost impossible.

But some virtuosos are sometimes almost succeed.

I want to show the most interesting experiments on the coloring of the images presented on the historical photoblog Shorpy.

Old Art  Photo

1903 shop in New Orleans

Old Art  Photo

1905 the aquarium in Detroit

Old Art  Photo

1911 fire brigade

Old Art  Photo

1920 the Mermaid Club in Philadelphia

1943 Indianapolis

Evening Dallas 1942

Grand Central Terminal in New York 1941

Lincoln in 1865

Terminal in Manhattan in 1907

The famous picture of Atlanta 1864

Times Square New York 1943


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  1. The images in colour somehow don’t seem to have an antique look to them. For example, the famous auction photograph, which was probably taken in 1864, looks like it could be a setting with Clint Eastwood. Of course I want to see the images colorized. After all, we don’t see the world around us in monochrome and presumably neither did they. I would now like to see colorized photographs of my home city of Leicester. For example, I believe there is an image of Leicester’s Eastgates taken in 1862. This was before Leicester’s landmark Clock Tower was built. I have also seen images of the site of Leicester’s Town Hall Square before the Town Hall was built. I believe there was a cattle market on the site back then. This is presumably how Leicester looked during the American Civil War.

    If monochrome can be colorized then presumably still pictures can be motionized. I would now likw to see all the centuries of the second millennium in motion. I believe that the paintings, for example, can be motionized by computer generation. Of course it would really be animation but the idea is that it would make them look like silent films.

    The BBC website refers to me as having always had a fascination with space and technology and I am anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone’s attention. Simply visit Google and type in KELLER BBC to access the details, as you should see JEREMY KELLER BBC appear on the screen. You should also be able to look me up on Google by searching for:

    motionizing pictures

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    lunar night earthlight

    Earth shimmering like sapphire

    wreck of Luna 2

    craters resembling dividing cells

    night half facing Saturn

    dent resistant bodywork

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