New method testing… curb false.

    New method testing… Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that has drawn some decidedly juvenile pranks, is looking to impose more discipline with new restrictions on the editing of articles. The latest changes come as Wikipedia tries to balance a need for credibility and a desire for openness. While anyone can still edit entries, the […]


People are happiest on weekends… twitter confirm.

    I happiest on weekends… It illustrates a new opportunity for doing social and behavioral science in ways that were really unimaginable even five years ago. Twitter confirms it: People tend to wake up in a good mood and are happiest on weekends. The fast-paced forum is offering scientists a peek at real-time, presumably […]


Norway… this is a very well.

  Norway… The United Nations on Thursday named oil-rich Norway as the country with the best quality of life, while Asia has made the biggest strides in recent decades. The UN’s annual A-to-Z of global wealth, poverty, health and education highlighted however that it is becoming ever more difficult to break into the rich club […]


Potential partners, looking for “the one”.

    Potential partners, looking for…? An Australian mathematician says singles face much better odds if they date, and then reject, 12 potential partners, and then start searching for love. Dr. Clio Cresswell, of the University of Sydney, told Reuters this strategy, the result of a complex mathematical analysis, gave those looking for love a […]


The top richest man in the world.

  Top richest… The number of dollar billionaires in the world has exceeded 1,000 people. The richest man in the world today is Carlos Slim, a Mexican media tycoon, Forbes magazine wrote this week. Slim’s fortune is evaluated at $53.5 billion. The total capital of 10 richest people in the world has grown to $342 […]


This is a dream, Parrot AR Drone 2.0 GPS Edition.

    The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 GPS is showing off some new features of their newer. AR Drone 2.0 remote-controlled quadricopter here at CES, and one of the new products they have on tap is a GPS “flight recorder” that video-records all your flights, and the accompanying iPad app lets you make edits to […]


Technology To Knowledge.

    Technology To Knowledge. A Guide To Basic PC Cooling. One of the greatest dangers to your PC is something we all take for granted… Heat! Your office space may be cool enough for you, but is it for your PC ? Desktop PCs and Notebook PCs generate heat that can be damaging to […]