Scandalous fashion designer and his collection.



The scandalous fashion designer (Rick Owens), has debuted his new collection in Paris, created to amuse and shock the public.

The next gasps came about halfway through the show, when male models came down the runway fully exposed. Yes, there were about three penises visible and flopping around, surely to be blurred for the various slideshows.

Preceded by the violent shooting spree in Paris on January 7-9, and nationwide marches devoted to the victims of the Islamist attacks, the fashion event kicked off with a famous slogan

“the show must go on,” the Associated Press reported.

The collection, entitled “Sphynx,” was meant to symbolize “compression…pressure built-up in silent vessels filled with energy,” according to the provocative designer.

Critics argue that the show is a breakthrough in the fashion industry. It promotes full-frontal male nudity, which is believed to be the gender equality’s final frontier.

Although the on-display penises were not the key element of the collection, predictably they attracted the most attention from the attending public.

Remarkably, the male models strolled down the catwalk with utmost confidence without the slightest embarrassment.

“Hey fellas, ever feel like your outfit would look way better if you could ditch the whole pants-and-underwear part?” asked the Huffington Post.

Look video, fashion designer and his models:

“The looks would certainly get you noticed down the Champs Elysees avenue — but, potentially, also fined,” noted the Associated Press half-jokingly.

Social media networks’ users expressed both amusement and anger while discussing the provocative collection.

fashion designer

fashion designer

fashion designer



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