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Alive sculptures are all in Spain.

I thinks I will not be wrong if I say that the most interesting and unique alive sculptures are all in Spain.

Perhaps there are more interesting ones somewhere, but not in such big quantities for one aquare meter/kilometer.

Of course there are motionless statues in Rome and Paris, knights in the main square in Krakov, Santa Claus and Mozart.

With electric violin and electric guitar on the seafront of Yalta there may be very fun characters, but I have never seen as interesting characters as ones in Madrid.

Here is one of the sculptures. How many characters do you think are in one alive sculpture? It inspires ideas, imparts values, narrates stories and turns you into a believer.

The art that comes closest to human emotions is that of sculptures; sometimes evoking sacredness in places of worship and at other times keeping the spirits of ancestors alive.

The emotional energy woven into the medium is such that people attach strong meanings on alive sculptures

I think it is very creative.

alive sculptures

Or you can try to meet the invisible man.

And why didn’t we meet this lady at the Queen Sofia Museum.

In one of the main Madrid squares, in Plaza Mayor, you can meet overweight Spiderman.

There are some simpler characters, for example this soldier.

Or from Star wars.


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