This Crazy Idea For Driving License.



The photo you provide for your driving licence must meet specific standards. It may also need to be certified depending on the type of identification you are using to apply for your licence.

The photo taken must be:

* recent and a true likeness of you
* in colour, not black and white, against a light grey or cream background
* clear, in sharp focus, free from ‘redeye’ and have no shadow in it
* free of any reflection or glare from glasses
* in good condition, not damaged, creased, torn or marked

You must:

* face forward and look straight into the camera with your eyes open and nothing covering your face
* look natural with no facial expressions eg smiling, grinning or frowning
* have nothing covering your eyes eg hair or glasses frame
* not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses
* not wear a hat or cover your head unless for medical or religious reasons

WOW… crazy moment !

This guy had this crazy idea for his driving license picture. I think I’ll try it sometimes.



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