Z915 Digital Camera – Kodak

Digital Camera Bundle offers an included camera case for protection to rechargeable batteries when you’re running out of power.

Delivering high definition pictures with one click, this digital camera delivers widescreen format quality, especially when you view them on your HDTV.
Sporting a sleek and stylish black exterior, it also boasts of an incorporated 10-megapixel sensor that makes prints up to 30-40 inches of full-blown quality.
Introducing the Kodak’s Perfect Touch Technology, it offers brighter and richer images and its embedded editing features will help you enhance the quality of your pictures.

Also includes Optical Image Stabilization, SD/SDHZ memory card slot, Face Detection capability, Smart Capture feature, 10x Optical Zoom, multiple scene modes and an integrated multimedia slideshow.

Outstanding Features:

* Kodak Z915 Digital Camera
* Kodak Rechargable Batteries
* Kodak Battery Charger
* Kodak Carrying Case
* 10-megapixel sensor
* Kodak’s Perfect Touch Technology
* Optical Image Stabilization

Solutions For Every Need:

* Kodak Z915 Digital Camera
o Delivers the best quality features to ensure the state of your images, from its 10-megapixel sensor to its Optical Image Stabilization

* Kodak Rechargable Batteries
o Have you ready for any action and not worry about changing disposable batteries once in a while

* Kodak Battery Charger
o Ensures that you are equipped with the battery power anytime you need it

* Kodak Carrying Case
o Protects your devices from being scratched, damaged or even risk the possibility of losing some parts

An ideal gift for photo enthusiasts and adventure seekers, make the Kodak Z915 Digital Camera your best choice!

Detailed Features and more HERE

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