Single Family Residence.


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Family Residence…

French architect patrick partouche has recently completed ‘maison container lille’, a single family residence created from eight shipping containers within the countryside of lille, france.

The stacked units combine to generate 208 square meters of living space.

The building itself has not shyed away from its container roots but look to enhance and utilise the idea. The container doors can be opened or closed to give privacy and shade when needed.

The exterior was painted a vibrant cherry red and the interior features bright white walls accented by red columns and metal finish work.

Although the design is an interesting one I do have concerns about its internal furnishings as it seems very industrial in its usage of materials.

This can lead to the home feeling rather cold and empty at the same time it no doubt matches the requests of the owners which is something that leaves the architect limited on decisions.

The side by side layout however though is a good design and the use of light via the window areas gives the shipping container home a feeling of being bigger and brighter. The home was installed within 3 days which is a bit of an achievement.

Maison Container Lille is a 3 bedroom home made from 8 standard shipping containers situated next to a field.

The containers’ ends have been cut out to make way for windows, and the cargo doors can be opened or closed for shade, privacy, or protection during severe storms.

The roof is more of a protective covering than a true water shedding element, and works more like a shade screen to let air flow around the roof and keep it from overheating.

The windows have low-e coatings and are filled with argon for greater efficiency.

Metal parts that were cut away from the containers were used to create furniture and decorative elements like artwork, tables and a bed.

maison container lille

Family Residence

Family Residence

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maison container lille 8

maison container lille 9

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maison container lille 11

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