Alcohol consumption, Russian very bad experience

Alcohol consumption.

Alcohol makes bad to Nation. Russia for an alcoholic collapse because of the policy of making drunkards of people that is so obvious here now. These pessimistic forecasts are based upon data provided by the World Health Organization.

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The organization states that a nation absolutely dies away when alcohol production reaches 8 liters per head in a year.

Alcohol consumption, Russia.

The showing made up 20.1 liters per head in Russia.

It includes no significant quantities of alcohol stolen in Russia while being moved by rail. In addition, large quantities of illegal alcoholic beverages are produced by small, short lived, “underground workshops”.

Which can hardly be classed as industrial production and yet, cannot be categorized as domestic production either, even though the production or sale to consumers often takes place in private homes and apartments.

Finally, one must include liquids designed for technical and domestic purposes, such as glass-washing mixtures that contain ethyl alcohol along with denatured additives.

For Russia would need a category for unreg istered alcohol produced in significant quantities by legal, licensed enterprises in the form of “above-the-plan”, illegal and untaxed output (“third-shift vodka”).

Crucial to the picture of Russian alcohol consumption aside from overall quantity, is the type of consumption the specification of beverages by strength and quality.

People speaking in support of sober mode of living say that if a program for strict control of alcohol consumption is not adopted in the country, the Russian nation will die down by the middle of the century and will become extinct in 50 years.

The problem is that Russia has already exceeded the limit of alcohol production per head below which the nation may die away.

Chairman of the International Academy of Sobriety organizational committee  that every year up to 300000 people in Russia die of over drinking alcohol. But it’s just a statistic, how many die without investigation!

In addition to active propaganda of healthy mode of living, the basis of alcohol consumption must be reduced. It is necessary to establish new age limits for permitted purchase of strong drinks. People must realize what alcohol doses are dangerous for health.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption, one serving of alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages, those which go through the process of fermentation, have been a staple of human society as far back as records go. Examples of alcoholic beverages include beer, wine, and hard liquor (such as whiskey, tequila, and vodka). Alcohol, a depressant, is designated as a drug and regulated by governments.

One serving of alcohol, or “a drink”, is classified as 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol; this corresponds to one twelve ounce can/bottle of beer, one five ounce glass of wine, or one 1.5 ounce shot of liquor. When comparing alcoholic consumption across countries, organizations will look at liters of pure alcohol.

Heavy consumption of alcohol can be dangerous and lead to alcoholism. Serious side effects include decreased motor skills function, liver failure, cancer, and death.

Alcohol consumption, summary.

The heavy drinking and drunkenness that is so widely present Russia and so deeply entwined with our everyday existence. But, in all honesty, this shadowy side of our life is not all of Russian life.

One cannot but be amazed after a single century of two world wars and one civil war. Today war in Ukraine of collectivization and state terror, that the population still preserves its incredible optimism.

How much nature has invested in Russian man, and how much has he been taught by centuries of history that “to live” is to persevere “in patience”!

All The Best!


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