Alcohol and Russians.


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Alcohol makes bad to Nation.

Russia for an alcoholic collapse because of the policy of making drunkards of people that is so obvious here now.

These pessimistic forecasts are based upon data provided by the World Health Organization.

The organization states that a nation absolutely dies away when alcohol production reaches 8 liters per head in a year.

The showing made up 18.5 liters per head in Russia.

People speaking in support of sober mode of living say that if a program for strict control of alcohol consumption is not adopted in the country, the Russian nation will die down by the middle of the century and will become extinct in 50 years.

The problem is that Russia has already exceeded the limit of alcohol production per head below which the nation may die away.

Chairman of the International Academy of Sobriety organizational committee Alexander Mayurov says that every year up to 900,000 people in Russia die of overdrinking alcohol.

In addition to active propaganda of healthy mode of living, the basis of alcohol consumption must be reduced.

It is necessary to establish new age limits for permitted purchase of strong drinks. People must realize what alcohol doses are dangerous for health.






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