America and Serfdom

USAs I have stated before, when dealing with the American government, expect only the most illogical extremes.

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The so called Land of the Free, has decided to recreate the ancient and rejected art of serfdom. As anywhere in history, serfdom was set in gradually with restrictive laws that slowly or quickly ate away at the right of the people to move freely, thus guaranteeing the government a stable tax base and its favorite enterprises, a stable work force to exploit, one that can not walk away.

In America that is about to be done by their new Cap and Trade Law, that will more than likely go into affect next year. Only one of the chambers of the parliament has passed it but the other will soon.
US pay for crisis
In the name of all things green, humans in the Anglo-sphere will be turned into serfs. How interesting. The Greens or rather Watermelons, Green on the outside, Marxist Red on the Inside have found the perfect tool with which to leverage the futures of all peoples in advanced nations. No longer is the cry of power to the people, as the cover for the power grab of the more equal amongst the “equals” but instead it is the cry of Power to the Plants and the Fishes and the little buggy things that fly around and annoy you….oh and it will cost the future of yourselves and your children, but Gia will love you when you are decomposing in her belly, serf.

But how will this be done?

In the giant, unread “democratic” bills that the American parliament loves to pass, some with literally up to ten thousand pages of unread and undebated laws. (and the Americans were only ranked 19th on the list of the most corrupt nations?) To be specific, Cap and Trade (American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009) will force all home owners to make extremely costly efficiency upgrades to their homes, for energy efficiency, before the government will give the serf, er citizen, a license to sell their home. Of course, before the process begins, the serf must get and pay for a government inspection and another after the upgrades.

The level of “efficiency” will be set by the law and will rise yearly, but an appointed commissar, a national Environmental Protection Administrator, will have a further power to raise the standards as high as “needed”. In other words, if the indebted, cash strapped peasants of America suddenly find ways to make those improvements and regain mobility, well, we will just raise the bar even further, steal their mobility and bleed them for more cash. This will of course result in a trained and educated work force wedded for life to their present residence, as is intended by Section 202 Building Retrofit Program. Major local employers, in the pocket of the Anglo states (or are the states in the pocket of the local paymasters?) will have a captive work force to squeeze. This will be especially true in mill towns where other choices of employment will be non existent. As for the uneducated masses, and almost half Americans never finish basic school, dropping out, they are not going anywhere anyways.

Of course, an unintended consequence will be that many more people will simply abandon their houses, as they migrate to seek work.

Might the Land of the Not Quite Free reinstates another quaint age old custom: debtor prisons? Surely, this might make sure that the serfs

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2 thoughts on “America and Serfdom

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    Wow. I’ve followed your blog for quite a while and have slowly, but increasingly grown suspicious of your motivations. Finally, this editorial has clinched my understanding of your politics.

    I don’t take issue with either your political bias (without negative connotation) or your use of your own forum to represent such. I take um-bridge with the distorted fact and unintelligent representation of same.

    You stated the US is the 19th most corrupt country in the world. You err here. I believe the study you reference was presented by CPI. They, in fact, stated the US is the 19th least corrupt nation in the world. Latvia, your server host nation, is ranked in the lower 1/3 of corruption standings. While admirable, at 56th least corrupt, there is no doubt you stand inside a “glass house.” For your reference, I present the CPI findings on ‘Transparency International” –

    Next, you presume to compare the United States with a monarchy complete with serfs. Tisk, Tisk. You fail to acknowledge, in your argument, the Cap and Trade bill is pointed at corporations to reduce waste and increase efficiency by 15%.

    I take this moment to acknowledge the burden of American consumers in this bill environment. The consumer will carry a burden with higher costs to offset the manufacturers’ production expenses.

    That said, the Cap and Trade is intended, and economically feasibly directed, to encourage companies to reduce carbon emissions by one of two methods. You failed to speak of this, yet I will not detail as much as I should, I will make up for your short-comings. The incentive to reduce emissions is balanced by a terrible fine-system that would cripple a company if they cannot modify productions. If they cannot modify, they can purchase offsets. These come at steep prices, not set my the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), rather by companies with emission allocations to spare; a true market economy in any book, no?

    I can go on, but simply Google searches, like ‘cap and trade summary’ provide even moderately interested parties enough information to scoff at your assertions.

    And, if you didn’t notice, the United States of America has a legislative branch called Congress, not Parliament. And, look a little further, the bill was presented by an Independent and Republican Party member, respectively.

    Honestly, if I had a podium like yours, I wouldn’t stand upon matchsticks to make unbalanced arguments.

    I say good day, sir. Good day.

  • at

    All things are possible until they are proved impossible – and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.
    Good Day !

    Latvian Tiger

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