Amsterdam Airport AND UFO.


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 Airport AND UFO…

This intriguing video was taken at takeoff from Amsterdam on an iPhone. The YouTuber explains that the object wasn’t noticed until reviewing the footage the following day.

Then it was quite noticeable that a strange object was caught on tape hovering in the sky nearby the jet’s flight path.

The UFO is rounded and reflects light, but it’s not moving and seems undisturbed by the airliner’s turbulence.

Any usual explanation, such as weather balloon or Chinese lanterns doesn’t seem to apply.

It’s inconceivable airport officials would allow hovering objects free reign over airspace crawling with passenger jets arriving and departing.

So what is it?

If this video was captured the way it was described it is very interesting. The object seems to come out of the clouds, and appears rigid and metallic.

If it is a balloon it doesn’t appear to be carrying any equipment like a weather balloon would.

There is the possibility that the UFO was added using special effects software after the video was taken.

One fact that raises suspicion is that the first video to be posted on this account was on March 17, the same day the alleged UFO was caught on video over Amsterdam at the beginning of a flight that had to of taken at least 9 hours.

It is a video of a chili plant. The latest video was posted only a couple hours after the second UFO video, and is of a toy dog that humps your leg.

Often with faked videos the YouTube account is created just prior to posting the video in question.



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