Animal eye shape, different eyes for different situations

Animal eye shape.

After having examined the mirror of the human soul, Suren Manvelyan switches to the animals’ eyes. Sophisticated eyes evolve because the eye has remarkable powers to help its owner avoid predators, find food, and locate mates.

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Individuals better at these “big three” are more likely to survive and pass on the traits that have helped in their success.

This is the stuff of natural selection, constantly at work to shape an organ over evolutionary time.

Several times in the history of animals, very complex eyes evolved with better powers to resolved images of predators, food and mates

This project is unique as each creature shows an exclusive ‘landscape’ because each animal has a unique shape, pattern and color of the eye. Manvelyan uses macrophotography to reveal the perfect beauty created by nature.

Animal eye shape.

Here are a couple of creatures from the animal kingdom with eyes known to astound:

Animal eye shape
A black rabbit…
Animal eye shape
A fish eye..
Animal eye shape
Albino Tiger Reticulated python…
Animal eye shape
A snail…
Animal eye shape
Blue Crayfish…
Animal eye shape
Animal eye shape
Husky dog left eye…
Animal eye shape
Husky dog right eye…
Animal eye shape
Nylus crocodile…
Animal eye shape
The horse…
Animal eye shape
The hyena…
Animal eye shape
The sterlet…
Animal eye shape
A fish eye…

Animal eye shape, what animals have the best and worst vision?

Animal eye shape and visual abilities can vary significantly based on their ecological and evolutionary needs. Here’s a general overview of some animals with remarkable and not-so-remarkable vision:

Animals with Excellent Vision.

Hawks and Eagles.

Birds of prey, such as hawks and eagles, have excellent vision. They have large, sharp eyes with a high density of photoreceptor cells, which allows them to spot small prey from great distances.

Mantis Shrimp.

Mantis shrimp have complex eyes that can detect polarized light and a wide range of colors. Their vision is unparalleled in the animal kingdom.


Cats have excellent night vision due to their tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer behind their retinas, which enhances their low-light vision.

For comparison, human abilities.

Human vision is highly adaptable, with color vision, depth perception, and a wide range of visual acuity. However, our night vision is relatively poor compared to some animals.

Animal eye shape and Animals with Limited Vision.


Moles have tiny eyes that are adapted for life underground. Their vision is poor, and they primarily rely on their sense of touch and smell.


Bats are known for echolocation, not their eyesight. While they can see, their vision is not as well-developed as their echolocation abilities.

Blind Cave Fish.

These fish have lost their eyes over generations as they adapted to dark cave environments. They rely on other senses, like smell and touch.


While owls have excellent night vision, their daytime vision is relatively poor. Their large eyes are adapted for low light conditions, making them sensitive to bright daylight.

Many Insects.

Insects typically have compound eyes, which provide a wide field of view but often with lower resolution compared to vertebrate eyes. Their vision varies, with some insects having better vision for detecting motion or specific colors.

It’s important to note that what constitutes “best” or “worst” vision depends on an animal’s ecological niche and its specific needs. A creature with poor vision in one context may excel in another due to its unique adaptations.

Furthermore, some animals have vision that extends into the ultraviolet or infrared spectrum, which is beyond human capabilities. Therefore, the assessment of “best” and “worst” vision is subjective and context-dependent.

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