Bodybuilder Vladimir Turchinky Dies Sudden Death

turchinskyRussia’s probably most famous bodybuilder, TV and radio host Vladimir Turchinsky died a sudden death in Moscow at age 47 on December 16. He reportedly died soon after a blood rejuvenation procedure which he had had at a Moscow clinic.

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His heart stopped beating at 9:45 a.m. on December 16 at his home in the Moscow region. Turchinsky decided to have the blood cleansing and detoxification procedure at a clinic in downtown Moscow. The procedure has become quite popular in Moscow recently.

“He was at the radio station yesterday. I could not imagine that it would happen to him. He was fine, never complained of his health, everything was fine about him always,” Turchinsky’s colleague at Silver Rain radio station, Vladimir Soloviov said.

“His wife called and said that he died. But his cause of death will have to be determined,” Soloviov said.

“He had problems with his health – he would often play with it. Like many professional athletes, he had numerous fractures. Most likely, he had problems with his heart,” Mikhail Marfin, a friend and colleague of the deceased bodybuilder told Life News.

Vladimir Turchinsky’s mother said that her son called her yesterday and said that he was feeling great after the procedure.

“He said that he felt as if his blood was all pure. He said that I should do the same,” Nina Turchinsky said.

For the time being, the cause of Vladimir Turchinsky’s death has not been officially confirmed. It is only known that his death coincided with the above-mentioned blood purification procedure.


Vladimir Turchinsky2

December 17, 2009
Doctors dismissed the speculation that a blood purification procedure Turchinsky had undergone in a Moscow clinic not long before his death had provoked a heart attack. Cardiologists told the paper blood purification was an absolutely safe procedure removing toxins that could have accumulated from the use of steroids.

Turchinsky set several Guinness records, including moving a 26-ton Ruslan plane, lifting a 3.5 ton elephant, and dragging a 20-ton double-decker bus for 100 meters with his left hand.

Turchinsky is survived by his wife, a son and daughter.

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