Boeing 737-800 Crashes In Amsterdam.


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A Turkish Airlines flight carrying 135 passengers has crashed while attempting to land at Amersterdam’s Schipol airport.

It was on the approach to runway 36, but crashed before reaching the airport.  The CNN Turk TV station said at least one person was killed in the impact and 20 injured. The Boeing 737-800, which had reportedly flown from Istanbul, split into three sections as it came down in a field close to the airport. Photographs of the crashed plane shown on Turkish television showed the fuselage split near the front of the wing and the tail section sheared off. A Turkish Airlines official at Schiphol airport told Turkey‘s NTV channel that at least 50 passengers appeared to be safe. They were outside the stricken plane wading through luggage which had been strewn across the scene. The airport, one of the main aviation hubs in Europe, confirmed the crash had taken place but gave no further details. Airport police spokesman Rob Stenacker told Associated Press that emergency services were responding to a reported crash but could give no further details.

News. 20 died and 50 wounded

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