Christmas for a child.

Each family makes its own traditions for Christmas.

It does not matter whether their values are religious or not.

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Although Christmas is a Christian celebration, even those without a religious identity can enhance the aspects of solidarity and peace, rather than focusing on a party atmosphere and the simple act of consumption.

I find it important that children believe in Santa Claus and enjoy that delightful fantasy as part of an enchanted childhood.

In other families, Santa Claus does not exist, but the crib or other objects symbolize Christmas. The important thing is paying attention to how children are realizing what is happening around them.

To carry fond memories of their childhood, they need much more than a pile of boxes under the Christmas tree.Christmas

We must give meaning to the present, make it a demonstration of love and affection. The exchange of gifts is part of our culture and is not an evil in itself. What seems negative is the exaggerated emphasis placed on the material value of the present.

At home, we talk of Santa Claus, thinking about building a sense of solidarity and social justice. While the good old man can give presents to many children, he gives a simple little gift for each one.

The effort should be to translate that for a child who has no concept of value and make them understand that this is not a demonstration of power and prestige.

It is an attempt to celebrate Christmas without any of the consumerism that has engulfed the occasion and leave the child with the feeling that they are worth what they gain.

Merry Christmas!


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