Compensation for the losses to farmers.

Spain’s government has demanded that German authorities explain why they initially blamed Spanish vegetables for the E Coli outbreak and will insist that the EU compensate farmers for the resulting dramatic fall in exports.

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We want the damages to our companies and our farms to be compensated. We don’t care where the money comes from.

Obviously the Germans are to blame, but we are inside the European Union and that is where it may have to be dealt with.

European Commission (EC) will allocate 150 million euro for vegetable growers as a compensation for the losses caused by E. coli bacteria originating from Germany.

The sum could still be revised depending on a number of countries’ estimates on losses, says, Dacian Ciolos, European Commissioner for Agriculture.

However, it is stressed, though, the compensation will cover less than one third of the losses caused to European farmers.

After Germany put the blame on Spanish cucumbers in late May, Spanish farmers alone have been suffering 200 million euro losses weekly.

Farmers wanted a promotional campaign to be paid for in order to soothe the worries of consumers and allow our produce back into the market, as a way of mitigating the future damage…


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