Crazy hairs and dress

Crazy dress.

My reflections:

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Women need hairs to have societal approval. The crazy version of women hairs this is a interesting. Look beautiful woman is a very nice.

The Man Clothing Moments !

Here a few examples of funny clothing.

Simply buy a funny clothing , then wear it in public.

JOKE for normal people


Ups…hairs and dress!

As the baby boom generation retires, and the next generation takes over, the acceptable norms for body art, hair colors and styles, and other body decorations and expressions will quite probably change.

Managers themselves will likely sport tattoos and piercings, forcing an evolution in the workplace.

Inevitably, policies change to reasonably accommodate the prevailing standards of the day.

Here are some tips on good dress code policies:

Put your policy in writing, preferably in your employee handbook.

Give it to each new employee when they start and review it with them.

In your policy, refer to the business reasons for its existence.

It is your right, as an employer, to set a professional environment that meets the needs of your customers, or that provides for the safety of your employees.

As with any policy, it must be applied across the board and without regard to age, national origin, etc.

Your policy also needs to take into account religious requirements. For instance, even though you may not allow hats in the workplace, you would want to allow someone to wear a head covering that was required by their religious beliefs.

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