Crazy sign, stupid path.


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Stupid path, Never!

How can you avoid someone who is driving while stupid?

You can’t.

People will continue to make stupid driving mistakes.

The best solution: drive defensively.

Keep your own eyes on the road, keep your distance from other cars, and watch your speed limit.

By all means, pay close attention when approaching intersections, even when you have a green light or the right of way.

You know what YOU’RE going to do, but there’s always the chance that someone who is driving while stupid will make a move into your space. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have enough time to react and avoid an accident.

Don’t be the one to get caught drive while stupid. Mind the rules of the road, keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, and be mindful of other drivers around you or your space.

If you’re not on your toes, it could cost you injury – or your life!

This…. signs to driver ! Warning, stupid path!

Buy a tailpipe whistle from a prank shop and stick it in the tailpipe. You can make your own by cutting the middle out of an apple and putting into the end of it, a whistle.

Poke that up the tailpipe and wait for them to start their car.

One of the more annoying car pranks to play on people, is to change everything that can be adjusted, in their car.

Seat right back, leaned forwards, mirrors moved, steering column lowered, radio station changed, volume turned right up, heater full blast, indicators on, etc.


If you are in the front of a ute or some car with a bench-seat in the front and there is you (next to the window) and a driver and a middle passenger, good car pranks to play are yelling out of the window at someone and quickly ducking.

They will look around and see two guys sitting really close together, in a three seater.


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