Creating New Toys And Funny Art.


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 New Toys…

The second-hand plush toys of various forms and sizes, who are given a new life by opening new and funny product.

Due to this procedure an old, worn plush toy becomes a “brand new” product – with a slightly different look.

Despite their bizarre appearance, however, Outsiders are friendly and adorable.

If you’ve ever been to a yard sale or a thrift shop, you’ve seen the sad site of hundreds of unwanted, used stuffed animals piled up in a bin. It is kind of understandable.

Who wants a stuffed animal that a stranger probably drooled all over?

Well,  Zurich designers “Atelier Volvox” decided to do something about it.

The rescued the unloved stuffed animals and flipped them inside out, creating new toys and pieces of art.

Look this toys :

New Toys

New Toys








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