Diet that can boost libido.


Recently scientists released a diet that can boost libido and more increase your sex drive. Our physical shape, emotional state, hormones and immune system are greatly dependent on the food we consume.

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Once again, researchers have confirmed the link between the food we eat and our physical and emotional health. They even came up with a diet that is promised to increase your sex drive.

Here are top  foods to help you kick up some heat between the sheets.

Diet and Honey.

Honey is rich in barium which increases testosterone level, which in turn causes increase in both male and female libido. Barium also improves metabolism, which leads to a better physical shape and sexual drive.


Not all cholesterol is bad. The lack of good cholesterol contained in nuts causes low libido. To prevent it from happening, include nuts and seeds containing fatty acids in your diet.Diet


Vegetables are primary source of oil. Cold-pressed oils contain more nutrients and vitamin E required for sustaining hormonal balance than heat treated ones. Read labels carefully to make sure you are buying the best oil.

Diet and Raw oysters.

This is one of the classic aphrodisiac. In fact, all sea food is rich in minerals known to increase libido. Minerals from sea food are easily digested.


Eggs are a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Eggs are choke-full of vitamins and nutrients. They contain B6 and B5 vitamins that help balancing hormonal level and sustain energy.


Just like eggs, pears, spinach, yeast, carrots, fish, potatoes and milk are a good source of B6, which leaves you with plenty of choices.

Red meat

Red meat, as well as dark poultry meat, is a good source of zinc which reduces the amount of prolactin hormone. Excessive levels of prolactin cause sexual dysfunction.

Diet and Brown Rice.

Brown rice or multigrain bread is a good vegetarian substitute for red meat. These products are also an excellent source of zinc.


Apart from being a great brain activity booster, multifunctional chocolate creates a feeling of satisfaction and improves mood. It contains substances that stimulate neuromuscular facilitation.


High content of iodine makes seaweed indispensible for normal functioning of the thyroid gland responsible for women’s libido. Seaweed can be enjoyed in salads, sushi and sushi rolls.


Surprisingly, oatmeal increases testosterone level. A cup of oats a couple of days a week and three cups of oat broth are sufficient to notice the effect.

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