Easter Island in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Easter Island.

This is an isolated Polynesian island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Politically, Easter Island is a special territory of Chile.

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Easter Island is famous for the almost 900 stone statues, called moai, that are in the shape of human heads and simple bodies.

These moai statues were created by the Rapanui people hundreds of years ago.It is believed that the Rapanui people’s numbers dwindled due to the overexploitation of their tiny, isolated island.

Others claim diseases from Europe are to blame for the decline.

The island’s name was given in 1722 by a Dutch explorer, who landed on the island on Easter Sunday.

The Polynesian name for the island is Rapa Nui, meaning “Big Rapa” in reference to a similar looking Polynesian island called Rapa.

Today, Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and destination for history loving tourists.

Easter Island

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Easter Island Airport.

What to Expect. The Rapa Nui airport receives only one or two flights per day. It is old, extremely small and offers no frills.

You should eat before coming to the airport, although there are a few small concessions available. Free WiFi is available.

See WiFi in the airport guide below.

The airport closes at night, so it would not be possible to stay here overnight.Seating is limited and not suitable to sleeping. You would be better off sleeping outside the terminal.

There are hotels located within walking distance of the airport. Some of the higher priced hotels provide transportation between the airport and hotel.

Their agents can be found in the arrivals hall when flights land.

Sleeping inside the airport overnight is not possible. The small town is right outside the airport entrance so all of the hotels in Hanga Roa could be considered near the airport. Here are a few hotel options based on proximity to the airport.

Tripadvisor reviews:

Tupa Hotel – (3 min from the airport) Free airport transfers.
Iorana Hotel – (3 min from the airport) Airport shuttle service available.
Hotel Manutara – (3 min from the airport) Free airport transfers.
Taha Tai – (3 min from the airport)

And so, in order to prepare to sleep night!


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