Ending … Drunk Guy And Cork.


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Most of the worlds cork comes from the Mediterranean countries.

Cork is grown in Asia as well but only cork from Mediterranean countries is considered of high enough quality to be used in wine bottle stoppers.

The unique physical properties of natural cork have made it an ideal way to seal wine bottles since the Roman days.

Let’s look at why cork is so useful and then where it comes from.

Cork has a unique honeycomb cell structure. Each cell is sealed, filled with air and not connected to any other cell.

Cork is elastic. Cork can be compressed and when released will return to its original volume.

This comes from the cell structure. As the cork is compressed, the air in the cells is compressed. When pressure is removed the cork expands back to its original volume.

The look to a history…

A guy decided to have some wine.  He opened a bottle, poored himself a glass of this tasty drink.  He understood that this is more than enough, but cork was thinking otherwise.

The ending … drunk guy !


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